Marvel’s Avengers On PS5 Will Have More Graphics Options Than On Series X

Marvel’s Avengers will have two graphics options on PS5, but those playing on Xbox Series X seemingly won’t have that choice.

Last week, Square Enix revealed that the next-gen versions of Marvel’s Avengers will be available from March 18, 2021. Since then, charts detailing what new features the upgraded versions of the games will bring have been issued. Avengers players on PS5 will have two different graphics options. Highest performance mode will run at 60 fps and checkerboard 4K, or 4K mode that will run at native 4K and has an unspecified framerate.

Another chart detailing the changes on the Series X and Series S versions of the game has also emerged, apparently via an email to those who will be playing the game. It features most of the same information as the PS5 chart, at least when it comes to the Series X. However, for reasons yet to be explained, the option to choose between two graphics options has been omitted.

That presumably means Avengers players on Series X will not be able to switch to the game’s highest performance mode. Odd as typically, the Series X has the edge over its PlayStation rival in this arena, especially when it comes to a last-gen upgrade of a game. There’s a possibility that this is another example of Square Enix appearing to favor PlayStation players over those using the game on Xbox.

The first example came in the form of the announcement that Spider-Man will be swinging onto Marvel’s Avengers at some point in 2021. Not for everyone though, just those playing the game on PS4 and PS5. If the Spidey joining the game was Insomniac’s version of the web-slinger that might have made sense since the Spider-Man games are PlayStation exclusives. However, it has since been confirmed that the Spider-Man joining the Avengers has no link to the Insomniac Spiderverse. PS4 players were also given access to the beta earlier than those on other platforms.

Adding a console-locked character is one thing. Console exclusivity over graphics options is something else entirely, and won’t be a popular decision with those planning to play Avengers on Series X. Square Enix needs to tread very carefully over the coming months when it comes to Avengers. The first few months of its existence haven’t exactly gone smoothly. The studio head behind the game already annoyed non-PlayStation-owning Avengers players by telling them to get a PS4 or PS5 if they want to play as Spider-Man.

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