Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Still Has Terrifying Boat People, But Now They Have A Sticky Note

The boat people who have been banished to the outskirts of Marvel’s Spider-Man have been remastered, but not in the way you’re probably thinking.

The next chapter in PlayStation’s Spider-Man universe has officially arrived in the form of Miles Morales. Anyone still on the fence about whether to pick up a copy of the game should check out TheGamer’s review of the Spider-Man spin-off. Plus, PS5 owners can pick up the Ultimate Edition which also features a remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The first game was already pretty stunning, so to see it with next-gen graphics is pretty special. However, there was one element of Marvel’s Spider-Man that didn’t look good. In fact, the characters in question seemed to have been lifted from the original Spider-Man game on PS1 and placed in a modern-day world where they did not belong.

The boat people. Spider-Man’s boat people have become a creepy and hilarious part of Spider-Man’s legacy. Since Spider-Man can’t really swim, nor can he swing above the surface of the water without buildings from which to hang his webs, Insomniac had banked on players never making it to the distant boats. That’s why it clearly didn’t put any effort into making them look good.

As you can see, Spider-Man’s boat people are horrifying. Now that Insomniac knows people can get to the boats, it had a chance to give these monsters a makeover for the remaster. However, it has not taken that opportunity. Instead, it has left the boat people as they were other than a nametag that can now be found pinned to their chests. It reads “did you miss us?” No boat people, we did not miss you.

An amusing easter egg courtesy of Insomniac and honestly, we would have been a little upset to have discovered the boat people had been remastered and made to look like normal NPCs. That does mean they will continue to haunt our nightmares, but it’s worth it. Now we await word on whether the boat people are still around in Miles Morales and if they look the same.

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