Mass Effect Knocks Resident Evil Off The Top Of The Steam Chart Before Even Being Released

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is already a top-seller on Steam a whole day before its official release.

2021’s video game release slate kicked off with something of a dry spell. Understandable and to be expected coming out of the holiday season. Other than Hitman 3 and Super Mario 3D World, there wasn’t much to really get excited about. That has all changed over the course of the last month, and now releases are hitting the gaming world thick and fast.

Next up is the long-awaited Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. So anticipated that fans of the original trilogy have been clamoring for it before it even had a name, or its existence had been announced. Clearly, the want for a remastered trilogy wasn’t all talk as a full day before the game is officially released, it has already hit the number one spot on Steam.

Resident Evil Village, last week’s biggest arrival, didn’t even have a week at the top of the chart. In all fairness, Mass Effect has done the same to Resident Evil as Resident Evil did to New Pokemon Snap and Returnal. Mass Effect might also only enjoy a week at the top. Knockout City arrives on multiple platforms next week and will be free for its first ten days.

While buying Mass Effect on Steam today still means you won’t be able to play it until tomorrow, some lucky few have received physical copies in the mail a day or two early. You can preload the collection now regardless of platform, but you might want to free up some room before you start up what is a pretty sizable download. It is a collection of three heavily remastered games after all.

To hammer home that the Legendary Edition is very much still three separate games, each of the titles will have its very own platinum trophy on PlayStation. One of the game’s developers has also confirmed you can use the original game’s Mako controls. As has been the case ever since Legendary Edition was first announced, be sure to keep checking back with TheGamer for all the latest news on Mass Effect during its upcoming launch weekend.

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