Mech Combat Evolved’s Open Beta For ALAHAD 3093 Starts This Weekend

The newest multiplayer game GALAHAD 3093 is getting ready for its first open beta test this week. Developer Simutronics made the announcement that its mech hero shooter will be made available this weekend on PC via Steam.

Taking inspiration from Arthurian legend, GALAHAD 3093 takes place in the future where knights control mechs called Lances and fight in arena-based combat. Players can customize their Lances to their liking by fitting them with a range of weapons to choose from as well as skills like dropping shields or aerial assault. Each of these Lances has classes that range from Light to Super Heavy, depending on what your play style is. Players can use these tech modules, deployable systems, and weapons to help their teammates take over bases and attack their enemies with their Lances. The knights, on the other hand, will have passive and active abilities to help in battle. Thinking quickly and strategically can be rewarding as you help your team to victory. With thousands of combinations for building these Lances, the possibilities are endless.

On the game’s Steam page, anyone can sign up for access to the beta once they request it on the site. The beta will run from Friday, March 19 starting at 8 PM EST, and ends on Sunday, March 28. So that will be a whole week for players to try out the mech shooter on the platform. In the beta, players will go into battle in the first map from the game known as The Canyon. There will be 32-player matches where two teams will be facing off. In order to capture a base, players must destroy the generator that supports these bases. In case you get killed off, there will be spawn areas to get you back into the fight. To give you an idea of what to expect, there’s a teaser trailer you can check out.

Players can jump into the first extended open beta for GALAHAD 3093 when it starts on March 19. More beta tests for the game will become available once they are announced before the full game comes out on Steam Early Access. No release date has been made for when the game will launch, but expect to see more updates as a release window will be determined soon.

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