Medal of Honor VR Has Multiplayer Modes 'You Can Only Do In VR'

Peter Hirschmann, Game Director at Respawn Entertainment, says the upcoming Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond features multiplayer modes “you can only do in VR”.

Above and Beyond, which revealed a new trailer yesterday, is of course a VR exclusive. By modes you can only “do” in VR, then, Hirschmann likely means gameplay styles that would only be possible on the new platform.

“The thing about VR is — I’ve spent so […] much of my career trying to map human movements to a controller and just figuring out, like, making movement feel good.” Hirschmann explained during an interview on yesterday’s Gamescom Opening Night Live event. “And one of the hardest ones is leaning. And, in VR, you know how you duck? You just duck. And how you lean in VR? You just lean. And so the ability to lean around the corner, just peek around the corner is just — it heightens the tension so much. It makes it feel all the more real.”

“You put that into a multiplayer experience, it just raises that to a whole other level,” the developer continued. “So we are shipping — in addition to the campaign — we are shipping a full suite of VR modes, including a few that you can only do in VR, and we’re really excited about people playing those.”

Yesterday’s trailer featured new footage for the single-player campaign, but Respawn still hasn’t shared much about multiplayer. We’ll definitely be curious to see what the developer means by modes that can only be done in VR. Will you be playing the Medal of Honor VR multiplayer modes later this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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