Mercenaries Mode Coming To Resident Evil Village

During today’s Resident Evil Showcase, Capcom revealed that Resident Evil Village will see the welcomed return of the fan-favorite Mercenaries mode. Absent from the previous few installments, Mercenaries made its debut back in the original Resident Evil 3 has a bonus mode where players would kill various enemies to increase their score and add seconds to a clock. It was a fight against time made all the more enjoyable due to the natural intensity that comes from this series.

Instead of just throwing in the mode with no changes, Village will feature a new spin on things. In between rounds, players will be able to peruse a shop and purchase upgrades for their weapons that will either power them up or customize them to better fit their own playstyle. You can see a short demonstration of it below from the recap of today’s stream.

The brief segment ended with the vague promise that Mercenaries will be “packed with bonus content,” likely meaning some nifty rewards for the main campaign can be unlocked here. This will probably be things like the infinite rocket launcher or the Chicago typewriter, bonus guns that were granted to players on repeat playthroughs in past games.

What’s really great to see is that Mercenaries isn’t a paid DLC update. Capcom has never done that before, but the mode was conspicuously absent in Resident Evil 7. I didn’t even think of seeing it return for Village, so I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m sure I’ll lose a ton of time to this mode much as I have in each game…except for Resident Evil 6.

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