Microsoft Flight Sim VR No Longer Timed Exclusive On Windows

Earlier this week we reported that VR support for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be coming in December. But, not only is it coming out soon, it’s coming to all SteamVR headsets at the same time.

When VR support for Flight Simulator was first confirmed back in July, developed Asobo stated it would first arrive for Windows Mixed Reality headsets, launching alongside the new HP Reverb G2 itself. Support for other devices, the developer said, would follow along from there.

Microsoft Flight Sim VR No Longer Timed Exclusive

However, in the same livestream that confirmed a December launch window earlier this week, the developer confirmed the game is now coming to all headsets at the same time. “It will be open to all devices,” Executive Producer Martial Bossard confirmed. “Oculus family, Valve family – every family of headset is going to be supported.” It’s not clear if the game will actually be launching on the Oculus Store but, either way, we’d expect that support to be included in the SteamVR version of the game.

The ongoing private beta for Flight Simulator’s VR support did already do a phased testing approach that started with just WMR headsets, so there was at least some timed exclusivity for that platform, but not exactly the type we were expecting.

The update will be going live “towards the end of December” according to the studio, with a video outlining the VR support on December 17th. Beyond that, the game’s new World Update will give the UK a makeover in January. Will you be checking out Flight Sim VR support? Let us know in the comments below!

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