Mid-Ohio hosts Round 2 of Heat Pro League pre-season

The second race of the NASCAR Heat Pro League pro-season took place Wednesday evening at Mid-Ohio with the NASCAR Xfinity Series cars.

The field of PS4 and Xbox One players battles for supremacy around the twisting 2.4 mile road course as they displayed their talents for potential teams ahead of the Season 2 draft. 

Xbox One

First up was the Xbox competitors in a race dominated by Daniel Buttafuoco, who led every lap of the race.

He was hounded by Luis Zaiter however, who would not make it easy for Buttafuoco. The two battles and even went wheel-to-wheel just before the first round of pit stops with 13 laps remaining. The running order remained unchanged as they dove down pit road a second time six laps later, making it a seven-lap dash to the finish.

Behind them, Riley Ogle was able to take the fight to Casey Gomme for third place and prevailed with four laps to go. Gomme then fell back with issues.

Buttfuoco would go on to take the checkered flag, his second straight victory of the pre-season. Zaiter trailed by 2.3 seconds, followed by Ogle, Mitch Diamond and Jordan McGraw.

McGraw bested Jacob Kerr in a last-lap duel that went down to the final corner for the final position inside the top-five. Matthew Heale was seventh, Sam Morris eighth, Tristan Helf ninth and Jose Ruiz tenth.


The story was similar for the PS4 race. Those who qualified up front, stayed up front in another entirely green race. 

Joe Gornick led Matt Billingsley at the start, but Billingsley was able to get around Gornick in the early running and seize control of the race. The order remained unchanged through pit stops as they gaped the rest of the field.

Cody Giles and Colton Ward ran solidly in third and fourth, but things were tense behind them.

Further on a thrilling battle ensued between Maxwell Castro and Matthew Selby for fifth place. They traded barbs for multiple laps as Brandon Hanna looked on from seventh, waiting for calamity. But it never happened. Despite the aggressive battle, they kept their cars pointed in the right direction and Castro would prevail.

Hanna would slip through for sixth with Jason Mitchell taking seventh, Selby forced to settle for eighth, Isaac Smallwood for ninth and Corey Rothgeb for tenth.

Gornick ran similar pace to the leader, but couldn’t quite get there as Billingsley took the checkered flag 1.2 seconds ahead. 

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