Miles Morales Tops Sales Charts For The First Time, Dethroning Mario 3D World

Spider-Man: Miles Morales was the best-selling boxed game in the UK last week, the first time it has topped the chart since its release.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been on the market for four months and has managed to stay near the top of the UK boxed charts that entire time. However, due to a shortage of PS5s and the blockbuster titles released around it, Morales has never made it to number one. That has now changed thanks to another boost in sales for the web-slinger.

Miles Morales was the number one best-selling boxed game in the UK last week, finally dethroning Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. The Switch port has been at the top of the chart ever since it was released a little more than a month ago. The continued success and push into the UK’s top spot for Miles Morales is likely due to more people finally finding PS5s.

Even though the virtual queues remain long and scalpers continue to lurk, the boosted sales of Miles Morales and other PS5 titles serve as proof that more people are finally finding them. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is also back up to eighth, and Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate is all the way up to 18th. 90% of its sales were on PS5 last week. Perhaps Currys new lottery system is actually working.

Despite the success of PS5 games, Nintendo still dominates the chart. Other than Miles Morales, last week’s top five is made up of Switch titles. This comes just a few weeks after no fewer than seven games set in the Mushroom Kingdom were a part of the UK boxed top 20. One title that will drop out of the chart in the coming weeks is Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Nintendo remains adamant it will be removed from sale at the end of March.

Unsurprisingly, GTA 5 also remains in the top ten bestsellers. Almost eight years on from its original release on PS3 and Xbox 360, somehow some people still don’t have it. That’s despite Rockstar’s crown jewel selling more than 140 million copies worldwide. It was also PlayStation’s most downloaded game in North America last month. Chances are Miles Morales won’t have that kind of staying power, but it’s a great game nonetheless.

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