Minecraft: 9 Best Things Added In The Caves And Cliffs Update

The first half of the Minecraft Cave and Cliffs update just dropped and it’s a bit of a game-changer for the block-shaped world. While waiting for the new cave biomes to drop in the second half, you can enjoy tons of new blocks and some unique creatures. Even without the biomes, though, cave systems already feel a bit more alive, as do biomes where the new powdered snow coats the ground.

There is also the addition of new plants, which many players are already adding to their colorful greenhouses and farms. Below are some of the best things added to the game in the Cave and Cliffs update.

9 Goats

Goats are something that we have been asking about for years. They are now added to the game and love to hang around mountains. This is where they can easily carry out their favorite hobby of sending you flying through the sky. That’s right; goats love to randomly ram into your backside.

Even better, there are screaming goats that you can occasionally run into when wandering around your map.

8 Glowing Plants

Glow Berries are a new item that can be found on caves. They grow on vines and provide a light source. They are an excellent way to naturally light your mineshaft or create a romantic spot to take your next date. Glow Lichen is also present, and you can even use bone meal to help it spread.

Both of these plants together help make cave exploring a little better, especially since a light source can now mean something other than running into a lava pit.

7 Candles

One of the smaller additions to the Caves and Cliffs update was the inclusion of candles. These come in sixteen different colors and can be placed on top of a cake. This makes in-game birthday parties a bit more exciting, and when a party isn’t going on, you can place them around your house for extra light.

Interestingly enough, candles must be lit by a player, and pouring water on them will extinguish the flame. Four candles can also be placed in a single block for those seeking a bit more light.

6 The Spyglass

The Spyglass is another item that many fans have been asking for. The Spyglass allows you to zoom on faraway locations, allowing for a more effective exploration effort. This new item has now become a must in Minecraft worlds, especially when starting out on a new map.

The Spyglass also uses materials added in the Caves and Cliffs update, Copper and Amethyst.

5 Azalea

Plantlife, in general, seems to have had a huge upgrade in Caves and Cliffs. If you want to pretty up your base, then you can check out Azalea trees. These trees can also be kept in a bush form, giving players a couple of different options on how they want to display their newest find.

To try and grow them into a tree, you simply need to get ahold of some bone meal and then sprinkle it onto your plant. Keep in mind that the Azalea has a deep root system.

4 Amethyst

Amethyst is a gorgeous purple crystal that can be harvested from caves. Amethyst actually grows from buds. You can break Amethyst crystals to get Amethyst shards to use for both craftings or simply decorating your house.

Since Amethyst seems to eventually repopulate, it’s wise to always leave some crystals behind for later.

3 Dripstone

Dripstone is a new type of block and rock formation that resembles stalactites. This makes caves feel a lot more dynamic, and they will be a huge part of the Dripstone Caves biome. Dripstone can be collected and actually grows in caves when water is nearby, making it an easy resource to manipulate for later harvesting.

This is a great block for those who are trying to make a more natural-looking cave; just keep in mind that they do grow incredibly slowly.

2 Copper

Copper is a huge deal for several reasons, the first being that it can make your home look even cooler. The second is that it can be used to craft new items like the spyglass mentioned above and a lightning rod. Copper also isn’t that hard to find, making it easy to acquire pretty early on when you are starting a new map.

Once you get it, you simply need to make Copper Ingots to begin your crafting. Make sure to craft a few lighting rods, as they will redirect lighting away from burnable structures in your base.

1 Axolotls

Axolotls are probably the most popular animal to ever be added to the games. You can encounter Axolotls in the water and relocate them by picking them up in a bucket. Once you find an enemy, release your Axolotl to watch them relentlessly attack enemy mobs, which is a huge help when exploring underwater ruins.

You can also use a lead to take your new friend on an underwater walk, and Axolotls can be bred. They are one of the most useful creatures in the game, and having an army of them can save you a lot of time.

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