Minecraft Dungeons To Have Cross-Platform Play Later This Year

The fun with Minecraft Dungeons is just beginning, as Microsoft revealed a slate of exciting updates during Minecraft Live. Those already done with the game will be pleased to know that more endgame content is on the way. New enemies and higher difficulties away those who have mastered the game. For those who need allies to tackle these new challenges, you’re in luck – cross-platform play is coming to Minecraft Dungeons later this year.

Minecraft Live showed off the free updates coming to Minecraft Dungeons. Demo footage of cross-platform play was shown, along with the announcement that it will come later this year to Xbox One, Windows PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The other big update will be the Howling Peaks DLC. This add-on will introduce new items, foes, and missions. Awaiting at the end is a new boss – the Tempest Golem. Footage of Howling Peaks crossplay was shown in the stream.

While Howling Peaks appears to be paid DLC, there will be a free update to go with it. This update will introduce Apocalypse Plus, a set of 20 new difficulty levels. These raise the ceiling higher than the current Apocalypse VII. To complement the new challenges, players can get more powerful with the help of new enchantments and items.

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