Minecraft Mod Adds Smiling Capybaras

Minecraft is perhaps the world's most relaxing game. Capybaras are perhaps the world's most relaxed creatures. It seems only natural that the world's largest rodent would eventually find its way into Minecraft, and thanks to Reddit user Hugman_76, it has.

According to Hugman, it took one month to build these cappy blappies from scratch, including the model, textures, sounds, AI, and animations. They can smile, wiggle their ears, flop over on their sides, sleep, and occasionally fart. They can also have babies, which have larger eyes to further enhance their already adorable features. And every so often (about one out of every fifty), a rare Albino Cappy will spawn, blessing you with chill vibes.

As in the real world, Minecraft capybaras spawn near rivers and swamps on account of them being semi-aquatic creatures. They cannot be pet, but Hugman has plans to add that feature as well as an animation where they like on their backs and beg the player for belly rubs. They eat carrots and melon slices, although this doesn’t result in a tame cappy at the moment. Future plans include cappy haircuts, special skins for nametags, and a new animation where they scratch out the inside of logs to fall asleep in them, producing the hollow log blog.

To find this mod, search for “Promenade.” There are a bunch of other features included in the mod, but you can turn them all off and just leave the capybara model. Be wary of other capybara mods as they don’t have the same adorable smiling faces as this one does.

In other Minecraft news, Redditors are shaming a young Minecraft player into better behavior. The younger brother of I_Am_Oro apparently only cuts one or two blocks from the trunks of a tree before moving on to the next one. It’s pure chaos in action, and something most Minecraft players would be too horrified to watch. If you click the above link, be warned: there’s no going back after witnessing such atrocities.

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