Minecraft Player Recreates Yharnam City So Well Fans Confuse It For PS1 Demake

Reddit user Parking_Price6980 took to the Minecraft subreddit today to share a look at their newest build, Yharnam City, particularly Central Yharnam. The build was so good that a couple of commenters mistook it for the PS1 demake, one for MTG art, and another for Bloodborne itself, assuming it was a screenshot.

Digging into Parking_Price6980's comment history, you'll find that they revealed plans to remake Bloodborne entirely, and to help this project along, they're using a resource pack. You can see it in the newest update, as the skybox is far more reminiscent of Bloodborne's while each block fits the gothic aesthetic more closely than vanilla Minecraft's.

Parking_Price6980 also said that they plan to release the map to the public when it's done, so you'll be able to take a trek through a Yharnam made out of blocks yourself. "This map is going to be on the Bedrock marketplace (I'm also working on a remake of Bloodborne which im planning to release for java)".

Two months ago, they shared an update video which sees them flying around their Minecraft version of Yharnam, peering across rooftops and familiar locations, like the first path through Central Yharnam that leads to a burning effigy surrounded by angry townsfolk. However, it's completely empty, a Yharnam without beast or man, so it's a little unsettling – just in a different way to the Lovecraftian horror we're accustomed to.

They make indiviudal parts of Yharnam like the towers and great bridge portal, before stitching them together to bring the entire look together. It's a difficult and incredibly complex, herculean task, but one that has steadily been coming along for over half a year now.

Seven months ago, they even branched out beyond Central Yharnam to build Byrgenwerth, highlighting the true scale of this project. It's impressive, and now all we need is some adventure map creators to jump in and turn it into the real thing.

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