Minecraft Snapshot Makes Cliffs Inside Of Caves Possible

We’re getting closer to the release of Minecraft’s 1.17 update, dubbed Caves and Cliffs. While the full update won’t be ready until this summer, Mojang has been giving us sneak peeks of the features that will be coming along with the update. This week, Mojang released snapshot 21w06a, which doubled the depth of Minecraft worlds—thus making cliffs inside of caves possible.

Mojang has been splitting previews of the 1.17 update between the Bedrock and Java editions of the game since last year. The last time we saw a beta (as it’s called on Bedrock) it was for copper ores and their various different block styles. Other updates showed off glow squids, floating candles, and tinted glass.

This time around, caves are finally getting their time in the spotlight, so to speak. The world height of a Minecraft world has been increased to 384 blocks. As it exists now, the world height (from bedrock to build limit) is 256 blocks. According to the snapshot notes, this means that the world height has been increased by 64 blocks upward and 64 blocks downward.

The downward part might be the most interesting bit, though. By increasing the depth of the world, Mojang has made it possible to have huge cliffs inside of the new caves (we see what you did there, Mojang). As you traverse the new “cheese” caves, so named because they form large caverns like the holes in Swiss cheese; it is now possible that you’ll find a cliff that’s 20 blocks high. Of course, given the huge number of possible worlds in Minecraft, it is also possible that you could find one that is much, much higher than that.

Luckily, at the bottom of some of those cliffs, you might find an aquifer that could save your life. That’s because this snapshot has also introduced local water levels. Local water levels are a little difficult to wrap your head around, but it essentially means that you can have underground lakes generating inside of the new caves.

As a happy coincidence (or is it?), the change to the world height also means that oceans could be much deeper than they are now—though there probably aren’t any major changes planned for the oceans right now. This snapshot has addressed one of the biggest parts of the 1.17 update—the caves. We have yet to see archaeology in action (although we do know that there won’t be dirt half-slabs in the game), or direct changes to the “cliffs” of Minecraft, outside of the introduction of mountain goats and powdered snow.

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