Minit Developers Are Back With A Side-Scrolling Racer, All Proceeds Going To Charity

The developers behind the indie adventure title Minit are back with a side-scrolling racing cleverly named Minit Fun Racer.

Devolver Digital announced the game’s launch on its Twitter account on Thursday, revealing that all of Devolver’s and the developer’s proceeds would be going directly to charity. IGN’s interview with the developers accompanied the announcement, who explain how development of the game came about and some of the inspirations behind the project.

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According to developers Jan Willem Nijman and Kitty Calis, they were only able to develop the game due to work schedules lining up perfectly. The duo had crunched so little on their previous title, Disc Room, that they had “two months spare to make a game for charity” and were able to revisit the world of Minit, something the team had wanted to do for a while.

The game itself takes the format of Minit and turns it into a timed side-scrolling racer. Players will have to dodge obstacles as they drive their way through a busy city and debris-filled desert. Coins can be collected during each run that can be used to buy buffs such as helmets, and the game is littered with fun easter eggs that will keep the game feeling fresh and exciting for a handful of hours.

If you’re interested in Minit Fun Racer, the game is currently available to purchase right now on Steam. The lowest price of entry is only a few dollars/pounds, but you can choose to pay a bit more if you’d like to give more to charity. The developers haven’t specified which charity the proceeds will be going to, but have confirmed that several charities will benefit and are planning to release an update in around a month’s time.

As for Devolver Digital, the publisher apparently has at least five unannounced titles coming in 2021, as well as the release of Shadow Warrior 3 which was shown off at Devolver’s Direct last year. It seems like Minit Fun Racer is just the start of what is looking like a busy year for Devolver Digital.

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