Mixer shutting down: Ninja offered $60m to join Facebook Gaming, Shroud $20m

Ninja and Shroud were allegedly offered double their Mixer contracts to continue with Facebook Gaming but both turned it down.

As the fallout from Microsoft’s shock decision to close down Mixer continues, sources suggest that Facebook Gaming tried and failed to keep Ninja and Shroud as exclusive streamers.

Mixer has never been anywhere near as big as Twitch and to try and boost its profile Microsoft last year signed up major stars such as Ninja and Shroud as exclusives to its service.

When Microsoft announced it would shut down Mixer, in favour of working with Facebook Gaming, they apparently tried to keep the pair but despite allegedly doubling the money they were offered they apparently both said no.

Apparently, they both declined to sign with Facebook though and instead opted to have their contracts paid off in full, meaning they made a combined $40 million from Mixer being shut down.

Although that means Ninja could’ve made $60 million (£48m) if he’d gone with Facebook Gaming and Shroud $20 million (£16m).

Both streamers are now free agents and although there’s been no official announcement the assumption is that, since they turned down the Facebook offer, they’re both heading back to Twitch.

It’s possible some other Twitch rival – perhaps YouTube – could try to make them an offer but everything at the moment points towards them both wanting to get back to where they started.

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