Modder Replaces Jill in Resident Evil 3 With Abby From The Last Of Us Part 2

Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira had their hands full dealing with a zombie infested Racoon City in Resident Evil 3. Of course, a rocket launcher wielding bioweapon, dubbed Nemesis, didn’t make it any easier for them. While they could have used any help they could have gotten, modder Darkness Valtier, replaced Jill with another zombie fighting video game character, namely Abby from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2.

In the showcasing video, Darkness Valtier shows Abby making her way carefully through the streets of Racoon City, until the Nemesis starts chasing her. She dodges its missiles until she meets up with Carlos at the train station and tries to make it out of the city. But we know that the Nemesis doesn’t give up that easily. It finds its way onto the train and continues to hunt down Abby/Jill.

Even The Last of Us Part 2 writer and narrative designer, Josh Scherr, tweeted out a link to the video saying, “omg this Abby/Jill replacement mod for Resident Evil 3 is AMAZING”.

The mod looks pretty impressive too. Abby’s character model does not look out of place in the remake’s high quality visuals at all. Her assault rifle does clip through her backpack when it’s holstered on her back, but that’s about the only problem you’ll be able to find in this otherwise awesome replacement mod. Even Jill’s facial expressions have been adapted brilliantly to Abby’s skin, you can see this at 7:15 when Jill/Abby yells, “How is this fucker not dead yet!?” Maybe a few tweaks to the eyes and we wouldn’t even know it’s a replacement mod.

This isn’t the only mod that Darkness Valtier has attempted. In fact, their whole YouTube channel is dedicated to replacement mods, primarily for the Resident Evil remakes. They have also added Joel, Ellie, and Dina into the game in other videos. Additionally, you can see Arthur Morgan, Nina Williams, Milla Jovovich, and Will Poulter for some reason, running around Racoon City too.

A special shout out to the modder for adding John Wick to Devil May Cry 5. Not only is the replacement mod spot on, but Dante’s sword has also been replaced by a pencil; John Wick fans will know what that’s about.

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