Modders Fix Final Fantasy 7 Remake On PC

After almost two years of PlayStation exclusivity, Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally arrived on a new platform last week. However, the Game of the Year contender's grand entrance onto PC hasn't been quite the cause for celebration that many hoped it would be. The PC version is far from polished and has even been labeled the worst triple-A port in quite some time. On the bright side, PC players are able to fix and change the game themselves thanks to the work of talented modders.

Honestly, it's somewhat surprising it has taken this long. I was expecting to see Thomas the Tank chugging through Wall Market within 24 hours of the port's launch. In fairness, modders have had bigger fish to fry off the bat, like trying to fix the game. One of the first mods to make it out into the wild actually does that, at least in part.

The Dynamic Resolution Disabler does exactly what it says on the mod. It disables FF7 Remake's dynamic resolution. The setting is applied as standard and some players have been reporting that it leads to the game stuttering and looking far less sharp than it should do. Applying this mod should hopefully fix that and give you a far smoother experience.

Modding to make the game playable is all well and good. What we're really all here for is how the game has been modded to make it more fun, and there has been some of that already too. The Dresses Mod puts Cloud and Tifa in evening wear for the whole game. No, not Cloud in a tux. Cloud in the beautiful gown he wears during the Honey Bee Inn sequence except he's got it on from FF7's opening scene right through to his showdown with Shinra.

Perhaps the most bizarre mod of all, at least so far, is one that replaces Cloud's buster sword. You might wonder why anyone would want to replace what might well be the biggest and best sword in video game history. Well, the mod replaces it with Scarlet. Yes, Shinra's head of weapons, that Scarlet. You now haven't truly played FF7 Remake until you've done so with a dress-clad Cloud while wielding sword Scarlet.

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