Modern Warfare 2 Burger King Skin Selling For $40 On Ebay

Last week, we found out about Overwatch 2’s McDonald’s tie-in where you could get an Epic Tracer Skin just for purchasing a chicken or beef sandwich. The deal was only available in Australia, however, and the skin is already available in the in-game store, so it didn’t make nearly as big a splash as Activision probably hoped.

That’s not the case with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Burger King skin. This exclusive Burger King-themed skin is selling for upwards of $40 on Ebay.

You might be wondering why someone would be willing to spend over half the cost of Modern Warfare 2’s download on a single skin, especially when the cost of admission is just a Whopper combo meal (called "Modern Warfare II x Burger King"). The answer is that the specific crossover meal is available in 40 countries, but none of them are the United States of America.

As noted by PC Gamer, the operator skin and one hour of double XP come in a non-region locked code, so you can go to Burger King, have a delicious and artery-clogging meal, and then make back your money and then some by selling the code online. Ebay listings have popped up between $20 and $40, but there are some buy-it-now listings at $50 or even higher.

The weirdest part is that the ad featuring the Burger King skin seems to have originated in the US. The ad, from DAVID New York, features “Burger 6” as he infiltrates a Burger King in search of the crossover meal. It’s after dark and the restaurant is closed, but that doesn’t stop our hero from acquiring some soft serve before eventually locating the locked briefcase containing a curiously fresh Whopper.

Burger King isn’t just serving a Modern Warfare 2-themed meal. Some are even getting fully decked out in Modern Warfare 2’s green and black colors with massive posters covering the walls. Here’s an example in Peurto Rico, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see restaurants renovating for Modern Warfare 2 across the US even if they don’t sell the Burger Town meal.

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