Monster Hunter Rise: All Rare Endemic Life Locations

If you’re looking to complete your Hunter’s Notes in Monster Hunter Rise, then you don’t just need to beat all of the Large and Small monsters that hide away near Kamura Village, but you’ll need to work hard and delve into the hidden parts of MH Rise’s world to find them all.

Rare Endemic Life can be found in every area in MHR, but are very difficult to find. Unless you’re staring at your map and checking every nook and cranny, you’re unlikely to ever come across these areas. But never fear, that’s exactly what this guide is for.

You need to find these rare endemic life creatures and take pictures of them with the Camera in MH Rise. Just be warned: even if you’re in the right place at the right time, spawning the rare endemic life is not guaranteed. You might need to load into multiple Expeditions in order to find all of the creatures you’re looking for.

Snow-Faced Fox, Shrine Ruins

The first rare creature we’re looking for can be found in the Shrine Ruins. The Snow-faced Fox is located in Area 5 at Night, atop a large gate. You can snap a pic from below the gate by zooming in, or you can climb the gate to get a truly good picture.

Snow-Faced Fox Location Details

  • Shrine Ruins
  • Area 5
  • Night
  • Atop gate

Monksnail, Frost Islands

The large and frankly terrifying Monksnail is living on the edges of the Frost Islands, wandering the sea. If you climb to the top of the mast of the pirate ship in Area 8 at Night, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Monksnail, and take a picture. Luckily the mast of the ship has rigging you can climb like vines.

Monksnail Location Details

  • Frost Islands
  • Area 8
  • Night
  • Atop Pirate Ship, will be spotted in sea

Regitrice, Sandy Plains

The Regitrice is hiding away in the depths of the Sandy Plains that you may never have visited. If you jump to sub-camp 2 during the Day and head to the most Northern part of the map, you can drop down to the lower levels of Area 12, which is actually below Area 9. Once in Area 12, head to the East and climb the walls to find a path into the ruins. You will find the Regitrice sitting in the sunlight in the Northern room.

Regitrice Location Details

  • Sandy Plains
  • Area 12
  • Day
  • Within ruins, Northernmost room in the East of Area 12

Quetzalcobra, Flooded Forest

The Quetzalcobra is hidden in the Flooded Forest, and if you haven’t already explored the various hidden rooms of the pyramid, then you have definitely missed this. You can climb the pyramid using the Great Wirebug on the West side of the pyramid, and then you can circle around to the East side. Looking down you will see a stone jutting out of the East side, and the entrance to the hidden room you want is just inside. The Quetzalcobra can be found sitting on top of a tomb in here during the Day.

Quetzalcobra Location Details

  • Flooded Forest
  • Area 2, pyramid
  • Day
  • Within room on East side of pyramid

Hellbill, Lava Caverns

The Hellbill has its own secret location in the Lava Caverns that is very easy to miss, and you might not have been here before unless you’ve kept a watchful eye on your map and got curious. You can enter the volcano itself through a crack in the wall, but it’s not so easy. When moving from Area 14 to Area 11, before dropping down into the water, you will notice a hole in the wall which you can crawl through – your Palamute cannot follow. Inside you will find materials, and if you look up, there’s a doorway high up on the right wall. Use Wirebugs to climb up, and you’ll find yourself inside the volcano proper. Collect the materials, and then go to the left of where you entered, and there’s another rock outcrop which you can climb atop with Wirebugs. Once up, you will see the Hellbill on the edge of a rock at Night, closest to the inside of the volcano.

Hellbill Location Details

  • Lava Caverns
  • Between Area 14 and 11
  • Night
  • Inside volcano, accessed through crack in the wall between Area 14 and 11

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