Monster Hunter Rise: Beat Magnamalo, Weaknesses And Best Equipment

Magnamalo is the big “boss” of Monster Hunter Rise. He’s on the box art, and he’s essentially the big climax to the story mode, despite there being many more monsters and tough quests to take on once you’ve brought down the big boy.

Magnamalo feels like a big progress block, because there are whole swathes of the game locked away behind his imposing Urgent Quest. But takedown Magnamalo, and you’ll have access to materials used to make rare weapons and armour. Sounds worthwhile.

He can be tough, but this guide is dedicated to taking down Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise. We’re going to break down all of his big weaknesses, and then suggest when kind of weapon and armour you should use when going in to take him down.

Magnamalo’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Magnamalo has more strengths than weaknesses, frankly. Its entire body is incredibly hard and tough, and the creature has plenty of health. Add to that the erratic movements it has, and giant attack range, and it makes Magnamalo a very intimidating fight indeed.

Magnamalo is very tough and somewhat resistant to guns, however blades and blunt weapons both are equally effective, just with blades doing slightly more damage to the tail, and the hammer performing better when attacking the back – outside of those two factors, they are equally as effective, so you need to pick whichever one of those weapons has the highest overall damage output.

Magnamalo is entirely resistant to all Fire attacks and Dragon attacks. Any weapons infused with this element will have their elemental damage shrugged off entirely. Magnamalo is weak against Water, and Lightning also works quite well.

Magnamalo Breakdown

  • Weak Point – Head
  • Resistant Point – Torso
  • Elemental Weakness – Water, Lightning
  • Elemental Resistance – Fire, Dragon
  • Best Weapon Type – Blunt or Sharp

Best Weapon And Armor To Fight Magnamalo

Choosing the ideal armour for this fight is tough, but you will definitely need something to defend against those devastating Dragon attacks that Magnamalo can fill the battlefield with. If you want hardcore Dragon defence, it’s actually good to farm the Remobra monsters – those are the small winged wyverns that you will see flying around multiple stages, like Lava Caverns and Frost Islands. The armour made from Remobra materials offers one (1) resistance to Fire, Water, Thunder, and Ice, in addition to two (2) Dragon resistance points. This armour has a fairly low base defence stat, though, and as a result it might be a better idea to just tank the Dragon damage with armour that focuses on a high defence stat that you’ve upgraded. You will have better options for Dragon defence later, but in the early game, these are your best choices.

Now, since Magnamalo is weak against Water and Lightning you should use a weapon that uses one of those elements, and wouldn’t you know it, the Royal Ludloth weapons are a good place to start. The Royal Ludloth Hammer, the Droth Splashhammer, is a great choice, but so is the Long Sword, Drowning Shaft. You should choose the weapon type you prefer and make a Royal Ludloth variant of it – just avoid using any weapons that use ammo for this fight.

Best Weapon And Armor

  • WeaponRoyal Ludloth Hammer or Long Sword
  • ArmorRemobra Set or Defence Stat Focused Build

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