Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Pawprint Stamp

Being High Rank in Monster Hunter Rise feels good. All of the monsters in the game fall to the might of your weapons, their attacks barely dent your powerful armour, and you can craft yet more powerful gear with a variety of powerful slotted skill gems and talismans. But sometimes you just can’t find the last material or resource that you need, and that’s where the Pawprint Stamp usually comes up.

The Pawprint Stamp is an item in MH Rise that is all too easy to never actually get, thanks to the fact the creatures that drop this item aren’t that common, and do not drop it too commonly. Yes, this is in fact something you get for defeating a Small Monster, it’s not a Quest Reward like similar Commendations and Tickets are.

In this guide we’re going to break down how to farm the Pawprint Stamp so you can earn as many as possible in a short period of time. Get ready to go on some Expeditions for this rare drop.

Which Monsters Drop Pawprint Stamp In Monster Hunter Rise

If you want to find the Pawprint Stamp in MHR, then you should be looking for creatures very similar to your Palico buddy. Yep, these stamps are dropped by Melynx and Felyne enemies – the occasionally mischievous, sometimes docile cat creatures that you can find in every map in MH Rise.

These creatures are often peaceful and therefore easy to ignore, but you should still take out your weapon and start bashing them about. They will often drop rare items, but not necessarily the Pawprint Stamps you need.

This is the problem. These creatures aren’t particularly common in any map, and because the drop rate is low you can easily clear an area of these creatures and come away empty-handed. As a result you should make a note to bash on Melynx and Felyne creatures whenever you can. Now, to get those Pawprint Stamps as fast as possible, read below.

Monsters That Drop Pawprint Stamp

  • Melynx
  • Felyne

How To Farm Pawprint Stamp In Monster Hunter Rise

There are Melynx and Felyne in every map, but if you’re looking to farm them you’re better off sticking to areas that you’re familiar with. Their spawn point in the Shrine Ruins is good, just up the vines in area 3. Both cat creatures often spawn here next to the Junk Pile.

Another good area is in the Lava Caverns, from the Main Camp just keep heading North and head up the stairs to your left and you’ll find a Junk Pile and a bunch of cat critters.

If you want to find Melynx and Felynes easily in any map, then you should open your Detailed Map and highlight the Melynx’s Gatherings and Junk Pile icons – you’ll often find both creatures near these gathering nodes, so it makes it easy to track them down.

If you want to run around on a farming run for Pawprint Stamps and other items, you should eat the Raisin d’etre dango, which reduces the five minute respawn timer for gathering nodes and Small Monsters. This will make your item farming Expeditions far more efficient, and you can pair it with Skills like Geologist to speed up your ability to farm a variety of items.

How To Find Melynx And Felyne For Pawprint Stamp

  • Use Detailed Map to locate Junk Piles and Melynx Gatherings.
  • Eat Raisin d’etre dango to speed up respawn time.
  • Return to both spawn points regularly, in any map.

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