Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Pricey Shoots

Yes we’re back again with another farming guide for Monster Hunter Rise, and this time we’re hunting down Pricey Shoot. This is one of those items that is locked behind your rank in MH Rise, in addition to being a fairly difficult gathering node to locate.

Pricey Shoot is used in the “A Token Of Gratitude” quest, which grants you a brand new weapon design at the end. This quest isn’t actually all that tough to complete, you just need to know exactly where to look.

In this guide we’ll be guiding you exactly where you need to go to find all of the Pricey Shoots you need to complete the quest, so read on below to easily clear this quest and farm these items in MHR.

Where To Find Pricey Shoots In Monster Hunter Rise

Pricey Shoots are tough to locate in MH Rise, and that’s mainly because the gathering node is tough to find. But before even that, you need to know that you will not be able to find Pricey Shoot outside of High Rank quests. This item is only available to High Rank players, so if you’re not participating in a High Rank quest, you will not be able to find it.

My recommendation for High Rank players is to join a relaxing High Rank hunt for Small Monsters, which allows you plenty of time to carve and gather materials. You’ll need to head for the Shrine Ruins, and there are five gathering nodes named Unique Item: Shoot Patch in the lower half of the map, which we will map out in details below.

Pricey Shoot Gathering Location

  • Area – Shrine Ruins
  • Nodes – Unique Item: Shoot Patch
  • Where to find – Use Great Wirebug behind main camp and look in West corner

How To Farm Pricey Shoots In Monster Hunter Rise

There are only five nodes for Unique Item: Shoot Patch, and you’re not guaranteed to get Pricey Shoots at each patch, so be prepared to repeat the following route in a High Rank quest in order to get what you need. Make sure to mark the Shoot Patch on your map using this guide once you’ve gathered the first node.

  • Use the Great Wirebug behind your Main Camp to rise up onto the cliff, and then check the West corner for your first patch.
  • The second patch is hiding in a corner at the North of area 1, on the cliff.
  • The third patch is on a platform above the second, to the East side.
  • From the third patch head North and climb the cliff face with the vines. Once up, stick to the East edge and head North, and you’ll find the patch in the corner.
  • Jump over the wall to the North of the fourth patch and you’ll be in a bamboo garden, with the fifth patch in the centre.

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