Monster Hunter Rise: King Rhino, Rock Roses, And Bismuth Prisms For Economic Stimulation

Monster Hunter Rise has a lot of secret gathering nodes and materials hidden away, either behind obtuse, easy-to-miss locations, or well-hidden behind High Rank requirements and carved from monsters you would usually simply ignore.

Well those materials are exactly the ones we’re hunting down in MH Rise, and in this guide we’re going to tell you everything you need to know to find King Rhino, Rock Roses, and Bismuth Prisms for the Economic Stimulation quest, which will reward you with a brand new submarine for the Argosy, giving you yet another avenue to acquire materials and items.

While you probably already know where to find Bismuth Prisms, King Rhino and Rock Roses can be tough to find. Regardless, we’re going to break them all down right here. Read on below for everything you need to complete this quest in MHR.

Where To Find King Rhino In Monster Hunter Rise

King Rhino is a very elusive creature that you can find in only a few select locations in the Flooded Forest – if you haven’t even seen one of these gathering nodes yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The gathering node is listed as Unique Item: Shining Rhino, and find your first one is the hardest part, as after you can mark these nodes on your map.

If you haven’t found your first node yet, the head to your Flooded Forest sub camp – we have a guide to its location here. Leave the cave the camp is in, and then use your wirebugs to climb on top of the cave. There are several gathering nodes here, including the rare Shining Rhino. After this you can mark further Shining Rhino gathering nodes on your map, using our map marking guide here.

King Rhino Location

  • Area – Flooded Forest
  • Gathering Node – Unique Item: Shining Rhino
  • Location – Above sub camp cave

Where To Find Rock Roses In Monster Hunter Rise

This is another gathering node that can be tough to spot your first time around. Luckily you can find your first not far from your main camp in the Sandy Plains. Just leave your main camp to the left exit, and use the Great Wirebug to travel. You will actually travel over the Desert Rose gathering node you need to find Rock Roses.

This first node is on a cliff in area 2, and it is fairly easy to spot. After that, there’s another Desert Rose near sub camp 2, location in this guide, on a cliff in area 5. Finally, possibly the easiest to spot, is the Desert Rose at the most Northern part of the map, in the small underground section between the two deserts in area 12. Once you have found one, you can mark them on your map.

Rock Roses Location

  • Area – Sandy Plains
  • Gathering Node – Desert Rose
  • Location – Centre of area 12, northernmost point of the map

Where To Find Bismuth Prism In Monster Hunter Rise

Finally we’re onto Bismuth Prisms, and these might be the easiest to find, and you’ve likely seen a fair few already on your trips through the Lava Caverns.

Your first Iridescent Ore gathering node is the easiest to find, all you need to do is find the location of sub camp one from our guide here, and then the Bismuth Prism is literally next to the camp. Once you’re done there, head over to sub camp two and there will be another gathering node just below the broken bridge. After that you can mark them on your map and get hunting, or just reload the expedition and return to these gathering nodes.

Bismuth Prism Location

  • Area – Lava Caverns
  • Gathering Node – Iridescent Ore
  • Location – Next to sub camp one, next to sub camp two below bridge

Once you return to Kamura Village, you should have a third submarine waiting for you.

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