Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: Guide To Palico Secret Support Moves

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Secret Support Moves are a new addition to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. These moves are much more potent than the typical Support Moves. You'll find them a huge help when taking on the more difficult hunts in Master Rank.

There are five different Secret Support Moves, each corresponding to a Palico Support Type. Although the Secret Support moves aren't locked to type, each one benefits a different style of play. All of them are powerful in their own right, so read up to find out which skill will benefit your specific Palico the most.

How To Unlock Secret Support Moves

The sidequests to unlock Secret Support Moves are available soon after you start Master Rank. Talking to different people in Elgado will give you all five sidequests – one for each Palico Support Type. Clear three Master Rank hunts with a Palico of a specific type to unlock that type's Secret Support Move.

Once you unlock the move, you can equip it to your Palico at the Buddy Dojo. The great thing about Secret Support Moves is that they aren't locked to types. Any Palico can equip any Secret Support Move. You can only have one Secret Support Move at a time on a Palico, but you can change it freely.

Healing Clover Bat

Healing Clover Bat is the Healer type Secret Support Move. The Palico sets up a bat cage that you can open with an attack or by interacting while sheathed. With the bats on you, you will see a small bar appear in the upper left corner of your screen. Fill up the bar by damaging monsters. When it is full, the bats will start to scatter powder that quickly heals you over time.

The healing effect lasts for a good period. The actual rate of healing is pretty ridiculous. Clover bats restore health so quickly you won't even have to use a potion if you take damage. Be aggressive and attack the monster to keep the bar full. Healing Clover Bat is probably the best Secret Support Move. It is especially good in multiplayer since hunters standing near you will also gain health from the bats' powder.

Ameowzing Mist

Ameowzing Mist is the Assist type Secret Support Move. The Palico places an elemental mine on the ground. When a large monster touches the mine, it will explode, dealing damage and afflicting an elemental blight.

You can tell what element the mine is by your Palico's callout when it's placed. The mine can be water, ice, or fire element. You cannot choose what element your Palico lies down, so don't count on it to use the element your target is weak to. It's still a solid pick, especially if you have one of the Blight Exploit Rampage Decorations on your weapon.

Felyne Powered-Up

Felyne Powered-Up is the Fight type Secret Support Move. The Palico plays a special song that upgrades all Palico Support Moves and Palamute Gear for 35 seconds. Offensive moves will deal 10% more damage, and healing moves will heal 10% more health.

Those numbers sound underwhelming, but this is a very helpful move. Unlike other Secret Support Moves which can miss or otherwise fail, Felyne Powered-Up always works. It is most useful if you have a Palamute or a Fight Palico to take advantage of that damage boost.

Felyne Fireworks

Felyne Fireworks is the Bombardier type Secret Support Move. The Palico places a huge bomb that will go off after a set period, dealing damage to any monsters nearby. This move is unique in that it can be triggered by the hunter's Action Bar. Like the Felvine, the skill has to charge up before you can use it. Palicos will not do this move without your command.

The bomb explosion does at least 350 damage. It seems to hit harder the closer it is to the center of the monster. Unfortunately, if the monster moves away from the bomb before it goes off, there's no helping it. The damage does not scale with your Palico's level or stats, so this skill is not great later in the game as monster HP increases.

Lottery Box

Lottery Box is the Gathering type Secret Support Move. When using the Lottery Box, your Palico will perform a random support move, including ones that it couldn't otherwise perform. The Kittenator is a powerful move exclusive to the Lottery Box. If your Palico hits the monster with its mini-Dragonator, the monster will receive 300 damage and be toppled.

Kittenator is the main appeal of this Secret Support Move, but it won't trigger every time. It's also hard to get the Kittenator to hit consistently. Your Palico can't move or do anything while the Kittenator is set up, its range isn't that long, and the shot can miss. Still, this is a good choice. The Kittenator procs often enough that it isn't a major problem if it misses, and the other randomly selected moves are helpful.

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