Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How To Beat Risen Kushala Daora

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Risen Kushala Daora is the second of the three Risen Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Added in Title Update three, Risen Kushala Daora is a powered-up version of this fierce tempest-conjuring Elder Dragon. Similar to the other Risen monsters, Risen Kushala Daora has overcome the Qurio affliction, granting it enhanced abilities.

Risen Kushala Daora can be fought by first increasing your Master Rank to 120, then finding and accepting the associated quest from Chichae. Now, let's take a look at each of this monster's weaknesses, some suggestions for equipment to use, and strategies for beating it.

Risen Kushala Daora – Strengths And Weaknesses

  • Weak Points – Head, Foreleg
  • Resistant Points – Wing, Back
  • Elemental/Ailment Weakness – Thunder, Blast
  • Elemental/Ailment Resistance – Ice, Exhaust
  • Best Weapon Damage – Blunt

Like most other monsters, Risen Kushala Daora takes the most damage from melee attacks on its head, with its foreleg coming in second. For ranged weapons, its back and foreleg will take the most damage. This monster takes the most damage from Thunder element attacks, and the Blast ailment is the best status ailment to use.

Conversely, Risen Kushala Daora completely resists Ice damage, and takes much less damage from Water attacks. Besides Blast, status ailments don't have much of an effect, with the monster completely resisting the effects of Exhaust.

Overall, Blunt weapons will deal the most total damage, but Slash and Ammo weapons are not far behind. Your proficiency with a particular weapon will more than make up for the damage stats against certain body parts, so don't worry about these numbers.

Best Equipment To Use To Fight Risen Kushala Daora

Risen Kushala Daora is weakest to weapons with the Thunder or Blast elements, making these great choices for dealing the most damage. Although the monster doesn't take much damage on its wings, the Insect Glaive's aerial attacks deal numerous hits across a large area, perfect for breaking the wings and staying out of the way of some of Kushala's ground-based attacks. The Insect Glaive is also good for applying elemental and status ailments, which pairs perfectly against Risen Kushala Daora's weaknesses.

Risen Kushala Daora will use Dragon damage attacks, and inflict the Dragonblight ailment. This ailment removes the effects of elemental and status ailments from your weapon. Be sure to bring Nulberries to clear this status ailment, or simply ignore it if you are using a weapon with no elemental attribute.

Armor with high Dragon resistance will work well, but Chameleos's signature armor set may work even better. This armor set grants the armor skill Chameleos Blessing, which increases the effectiveness of Spiribirds, negates all wind pressure, and causes your attacks to deal more poison damage.

The key here is the skill's protection from wind pressure, which Kushala Daora will utilize throughout the fight, making it difficult to approach the monster. Chameleos Blessing can be found on the Grand Mizuha and Risen Mizuha armor sets, as well as the Haze decoration.

Risen Kushala Daora – Fight Breakdown And Moves

Overall, this fight will be similar to the normal version of Kushala Daora, just harder. Most of Risen Kushala Daora's attacks are larger and stronger, dealing more damage over increased areas. It will also utilize its wind pressure more often, dealing additional wind blasts of damage after certain attacks. This is why Chameleos Blessing is so strong for this fight.

When Risen Kushala Daora is enraged, it will enter its Risen state. In this mode, all of the monster's attacks will be deadlier, and it will envelope itself in black wind. This wind makes attacks to anywhere but the monster's head deal no damage. Target the monster's head and deal enough damage to knock it out of its Risen state and return the fight to normal.

Weapons with a shorter reach like the Dual Blades or Sword and Shield may have a difficult time accomplishing this, so either change your weapon or hunt with others.

Flashbombs can be extremely valuable in this fight, as Risen Kushala Daora loves to fly into the air to avoid attacks and execute wind blasts. Throwing a Flashbomb while the monster is flying will knock it out of the sky, making it vulnerable for a few seconds.

Risen Kushala Daora's attacks deal extremely high damage, so be sure to upgrade your armor as much as you can before you fight it. Title Update three increased the maximum upgrade level for equipment, so don't forget to add some extra defense to your gear.

Risen Kushala Daora – Drops And Materials

Risen Kushala Daora drops the following materials after successfully hunting it. These materials are used to craft its new Risen Kushala Daora armor set.

  • Daora Lash
  • Daora Cortex
  • Daora Shard
  • Daora Hardhorn
  • Daora Hardclaw
  • Daora Fellwing
  • Daora Gem
  • Daora Risegem

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