Monster Hunter Rise: The Most Powerful Monsters And Their Weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise added a brand new selection of powerful monsters and brought back some of the most notorious monsters from the series’ past. The introduction of strong monsters such as Almudron and Magnamalo has led to Rise having some of the most powerful monsters in the series’ history.

Returning favorites such as Anjanth and the classic Diablos also rank highly in Rise, going toe to toe with the game’s latest additions. If you are entering the wide-open world of Rise then don’t worry. We’ve uncovered the most powerful monsters’ biggest weaknesses.


Tigrex is a returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise and possesses a threat level of seven. Despite its size, it’s a very mobile monster and has a series of dangerous charge attacks that you should watch out for.

Tigrexs’ Weaknesses

In terms of weaknesses, the major weakness the Tigrex has is to thunder, which can potentially deal a significant amount of damage in all areas. It is also vulnerable to several of the traps available in Rise, including Shock and Pitfall traps.


Bishaten only has a threat level of four, but that doesn’t stop this monster from possessing a set of dangerous tail attacks. It’s also one of the most acrobatic monsters in all of Monster Hunter Rise, being able to glide and use its rather bizarre tail hand to move around with ease.

Bishatens’ Weaknesses

The Bishaten’s major weaknesses are from ice-based attacks, as well fire attacks. As such it has a lot of areas to exploit, putting it lower on this list as a result. Just make sure to watch out for its fruit-throwing attack, which can inflict various status effects.


Returning from Monster Hunter World, the Anjanath has a strong jaw attack, as well as the ability to breathe fire. It also possesses a threat level of six, and a fierce temperament making it a strong fighter.

Anjanaths’ Weaknesses

Anjanath has two big weaknesses though, those being both water and ice attacks. While it does possess a large moveset, making its attacks unpredictable at times, it is also vulnerable to most of the game’s traps.


Zinogre is a staple of the franchise and returns to Monster Hunter Rise with a threat level of six. Its tail features heavily in its various attacks, but its body slam is another to watch out for.

Zinogres’ Weaknesses

Its main weaknesses are ice and water attacks, with both dealing substantial damage to Zingore’s back and tail. Its primary attacks are mainly thunder-themed, with attacks using its tail, body, and even summoning lightning from the sky.


The Mizutsune is one of the strangest looking leviathans in Monster Hunter Rise and returns to the series having debuted in Generations. It has a threat level of six and primarily uses water-based attacks, mainly occupying watery areas on the map.

Mizutsunes’ Weaknesses

As a water monster, its primary weakness is thunder attacks, but it also has a similar degree of weakness to dragon attacks. Its weakest areas being its claws and front legs, just watch out for its jumping slam.


Almudron is a new addition to Monster Hunter Rise and has a high threat level of seven. It is also a water monster, with the majority of its attacks being mud-based, making use of the environment it lives in.

Almudrons’ Weaknesses

Almudron is a strong monster, but it does have big weaknesses to both fire and ice attacks, making those types of weapons the best options to take it on. Keep an eye on its tail during battle though.


Present in every Monster Hunter game, the Rathalos have been terrorizing hunters since 2004. They are described as ‘Kings of the Skies’, and possess a threat level of six. Having wings naturally makes them a major aerial threat, so you have to constantly be scouring the sky in their habitats to avoid a surprise attack.

Rathalos’ Weaknesses

Rathalos are primarily weak to dragon and thunder attacks, with dragon attacks, in particular, dealing major damage to every part of their body aside from legs. The new flame streak move can be deadly though, possessing a high KO chance when successfully executed.


Diablos are another mainstay of the Monster Hunter franchise, and in Rise, the ‘Tyrant of the Desert’ possesses a threat level of seven. They may be herbivores, but that won’t stop them from attacking any hunters who come close. Its charging attack is a move to watch out for, with its potential to deal devastating damage.

Diablos’ Weaknesses

The best elements to use when attacking Diablos are ice, water, and dragon. All three deal fairly consistent levels of damage across the board, although ice is definitely the most potent for Diablos.

Goss Harag

Goss Harag is a new addition to Monster Hunter Rise, and any hunters hoping to easily deal with this fanged beast should be aware of its threat level of seven. This yeti-like monster can be found in Rise’s more cold climates and is one of the toughest monsters in the game.

Goss Harag’ Weaknesses

Its major weakness is to fire attacks, with high levels of damage being dealt across the Goss Harag’s entire body. Beware, it can also conjure ice weapons that deal high damage, as well as dealing iceblight to players.


Magnamalo is the flagship monster of Monster Hunter Rise and possesses a threat level of seven. The ‘Wyvern of Malice’ is one of Rise’s most dangerous monsters, with its main method of attack involving its hellfire, a dangerous gas that can inflict hellfireblight on hunters.

Magnamalo’ Weaknesses

Anyone looking to take on Magnamalo would be wise to bring some wirebugs for evading its damaging attacks. Its main weakness is water, although thunder attacks can also deal substantial damage across the body, it has full resistance to fire and dragon damage so avoid taking these weapons into a fight.

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