Monster Hunter Rise’s First Title Update Will Bring Apex Rathalos Into The Fray

Today might be Monster Hunter Rise release day, but that doesn’t mean Capcom is resting on its laurels. The Switch exclusive (until early 2022) entry in the acclaimed and massively successful series will be receiving a series of free updates over the course of this year and Apex Rathalos will be the first monster that hunters can look forward to tackling. As his name would suggest, he is the king of the dragons.

The launch trailer for Rise doesn’t show off much of this beast, but he is sporting a rather sharp color scheme that certainly makes him stand out. It will be interesting to learn his new attacks and see if he gets along with his fellow Rathalos that is featured as part of Rise’s main lineup.

By all accounts, Monster Hunter Rise has been deemed one of the best in the series. Merging both the advancements made in Monster Hunter World and the more traditional style seen in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, it seems that Capcom pulled out all the stops to give Switch players a game worth grabbing. The change in theme to something more Japanese is also neat as the series has typically embraced something more western.

While unlikely to ever make it to Sony of Microsoft platforms, it will be interesting to see if the PC port has some kind of crossplay functionality. The performance on the Switch version is mostly fine, so it’s not like jumping in now will provide you with a markedly less polished experience.

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