Monster Hunter Rise’s Friend List Slowdown Issue Will Be Fixed By Launch

Capcom has confirmed that the slowdown issue caused by the friend list in the Monster Hunter Rise demo will be fixed in the full version of the game.

A demo for Monster Hunter Rise was released on the Nintendo eShop on January 8. The demo includes two single-player tutorial missions and two hunts that can be played solo, or with friends. Conflicting reports about the performance of the demo started making the rounds, with some claiming that the game ran silky smooth when playing online, while others claimed the game suffered severe lag issues. It was discovered that the slowdown was caused by having too many people on your friend list and that creating a new user account fixed the issue.

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Capcom has officially commented on the issue and confirmed that the friend list is the source of the problem. According to Famitsu, Capcom has promised that the issue will be resolved in the full version of Monster Hunter Rise, when it launches worldwide on March 26.

This is great news for longtime Monster Hunter fans who love to play through the game with their friends. The Monster Hunter series became a national hit in Japan, thanks to its local co-op play mode. The online co-op used in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate helped the series become an international hit, and Monster Hunter fan communities developed on social media, allowing friends to work together to tackle difficult foes. Playing with friends is a core component of the Monster Hunter series, and a friend list problem would have been a major issue for Monster Hunter Rise.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo was plagued by issues from the start. The launch of the demo caused the eShop to slow to a crawl, as people all around the world tried to download it at the same time. The friend list issue in the Monster Hunter Rise demo was a major pain to deal with, and we’re glad that we don’t need to trim some people for the full version of the game.

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Monster Hunter Rise will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

Source: Famitsu

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