Morbheads Keep Morbius Trending On Twitter While The Movie Flops Again

We did it, morbheads. We really did just trick a huge studio into spending a ton of money to put Morbius back in theatres. As we reported yesterday, Sony's attempt to milk the Morbius meme trend has failed spectacularly, as the comic book flick has now flopped for a second time.

And now, as if to taunt the executives that made this severe miscalculation, Morbius is still trending on Twitter. That's right, despite earning a measly $85,000 from its highly publicized second premiere, it's still one of the most talked-about films on social media – proving that not all publicity is good publicity.

On top of the usual Morb memes, Morbius Twitter is mostly doing a victory lap over the film's continued lack of success. No one can quite believe that a bunch of shitposters officially outsmarted Sony, and it's a win that everyone is thoroughly revelling in right now.

It's safe to say that Sony wasn't expecting this at all. The studio seemed so confident that this new run in theatres would turn the film's fortunes around that it actually got Jared Leto back on board to promote it on his social media. The lead himself even tried to get in on the joke, with Leto revealing a fake script for Morbius 2: It's Morbin' Time. A fair amount of the replies to this are just shitposters clowning on him for yet another poor run in the box office.

Morbius is in theatres for one more day in the US, and it remains to be seen if the Saturday and Sunday takings can make up for the poor showing on Friday. However, given that its first day back in cinemas should have been its best, that's pretty unlikely. For reference, Morbius got completely bodied by both Everything Everywhere All At Once, and Sonic 2. Both of these have been in theatres for some time, and the latter is even available to watch at home.

So there we have it. Sony morbed around and found out. The summer of Morbius is in full swing.

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