Morbius, Storm, And Venom Confirmed For Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Midnight Suns' launch is fast-approaching, and what is already a pretty sizable roster was confirmed to be getting even bigger via DLC. With Deadpool still in control of the game's Twitter account, yet still not confirmed for the game, the anti-hero revealed three more playable characters that will be coming to Midnight Suns post-launch.

The first reveal of the three was X-Men's Storm. “STORM bringing the thunder! and the lightning! and I guess rain, snow, hail.. oooh can she do rainbows?" Deadpool tweeted from the Midnight Suns account. The Merc with a Mouth kept the reveals coming on Tuesday, playing a variety of games with followers in an attempt to help them guess who the characters were before officially revealing them.

Next was Venom, shown with and without the symbiote covering Eddie Brock's face. The best reveal of all was saved until last, and Midnight Suns followers were tasked with winning a game of hangman against Deadpool to find out who it was. Bored of that after just two correct guesses, Deadpool folded and revealed Morbius will be part of Midnight Suns' DLC. That's right, it's about to be Morbin' Time in Midnight Suns. Or it will be at some point post-launch.

Deadpool being Deadpool, or whichever Firaxis community manager is playing Deadpool in this scenario, the still-unconfirmed Midnight Sun took a pop at Morbius on his way out the door. Adding a close-up of the vampire's in-game design, Deadpool asked Morbius to say cheese before quickly begging him to stop. Fingers crossed players are treated to more of the first design Deadpool posted as opposed to the latter.

Storm, Venom, and Morbius join what is a pretty varied cast of heroes in Midnight Suns. A team that already includes Blade, Captain America, and Captain Marvel. No indicators as to whether there will be more heroes to come, besides Deadpool, and Midnight Suns will launch on multiple platforms on December 2, 2022.

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