Morrowind’s Reddit Is Helping New Players Get Into The Game

Morrowind is a retro '00s RPG filled with old-time jank and outdated game design. It hasn't aged all that gracefully. Getting into it can be an uphill battle, but it's worth pushing through to see some of the most obscure Elder Scrolls lore out there, and the subreddit seems to feel the same as it's been helping newcomers dip their toes.

Take one glance at the subreddit in 2022 and you'll find most posts are TES fans wanting to go back and visit Vvardenfell, the veterans waking them up from their Oblivion, Skyrim, and ESO slumber like Jiub on the prison boat.

The posts vary from starting out and asking for advice to those who are well underway, stuck at certain points or struggling with certain mechanics, to those who want mod advice because they want to make things a little less archaic. Morrowind is styled heavily on Dungeons & Dragons with attacks, magic, and actions based on invisible dice rolls tied to skill, and that means levelling is pivotal like no other TES game. You can easily get stuck with no stamina, swinging away to no avail. Mods can help and so can a bit of handy advice.

Some answers aren't too serious like yosaga11's, "Don't make evening plans for the next six weeks", but others are helpful like SharlieCheen_'s: "Whenever you want to fight or cast a spell, always wait for your fatigue bar to be full. Stick with one weapon. If you have any alchemy gear, use it. Pick every plant you can and try creating potions." Others say save frequently, be patient, don't fall into stealth like Skyrim, and more.

Others have found ways to play on mobile, sharing their builds and asking for feedback. The general consensus is that the poster is playing a dangerous game and will be relying heavily on destruction magic – that could end badly. So maybe ask about builds before committing, eh?

It's become such a point for the community to help newcomers smoothly sail into the world of Morrowind that memes are cropping up like sgiuliah's embedded above.

It's a surprisingly wholesome community for such a difficult game, so if you want to try out Morrowind 20 years on from launch but find it intimidating, you might find some respite in the subreddit.

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