Mortal Kombat And Super Mario Kart Inducted Into Video Game Hall Of Fame

Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Kart, Colossal Cave Adventure, and 1990’s Microsoft Solitaire were all inducted into The Strong Museum of play’s National Video Game Hall of Fame this week. Mortal Kombat and Super Mario Kart are obvious choise and we probably don’t need to explain their influense if you’re on a site like Game Informer. 

Microsoft’s Solitaire is a bit more left field, since solitaire is not originally a video game. However, the game was included as a pack-in with Windows 3.0, which meant that a lot of people had access to the single-player card game (over a billion computers reportedly).

Colossal Cave Adventure is a bit lesser know, but was still influential. Released in 1976 by William Crowther and Don Woods, Colossal Cave Adventure is often considered one of the first texted-based adventure games and helped paved the way for the entire adventure genre.

The World Video Game Hall of Fame inductees have been announced! Watch the 2019 induction ceremony in the full video on our Facebook page.

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