Mortal Shell: Harros Shell Build Guide

Feeling confused over how to best use the Harros Shell in Mortal Shell? Follow this guide to know the best skills and weapons to take.

Harros, the Vassal will be your first shell in Mortal Shell, but that doesn’t mean its only good for the early game. Once you pick up this shell and speak to Sester Genessa, you will be able to pay 250 Tar to get a look at its stats and skills. You’ll see that this is the most balanced shell in terms of base stats, making this a perfect choice for anyone who likes to play a medium build in soulslike titles.

The Best Build For Harros In Mortal Shell

Which Skills To Take

Harros’ skills mostly seem to revolve around hardening. This is a crucial mechanic in the game as a whole, so skills that enhance that ability are incredibly valuable.

Accretion of Endurance is not only the best skill for Harros, but might be the best skill in the entire game. What this does is restore your stamina almost immediately when you activate harden. Because hardening is something you should be doing basically all the time in combat, being able to get all your stamina back while avoiding damage will allow you to be much more aggressive with you stamina usage. It is a slightly pricey to get, costing 3,000 Tar and 20 Glimpses, but is well worth saving up to unlock first.

Right behind Accretion of Endurance, Accretion of Resolve is another top tier skill that just makes the game more fun to play. This skill knocks the cooldown timer for hardening down by 25% so you can keep pressure on the enemy without feeling the need to back off to wait for your harden to come back. This one is a bit cheaper, costing 2,500 Tar and 15 Glimpses.

Finally, Recollection of Death is your fail safe. With this skill unlocked you can regain your “last chance” if you’ve used it by killing more enemies. This one should be prioritized a little later than the others because it mostly becomes useful in the later portion of the game, although if you do find yourself struggling to make it through a difficult zone then by all means pick it up earlier for 4,000 Tar and 25 Glimpses.

Which Weapon To Use

Thanks to coming with such rounded stats, the Harros shell is compatible with all four of the weapons in Mortal Shell, especially once you get Accretion of Endurance. If you have one you really feel comfortable with, go with that, but the Hallowed Sword does have some advantages.

Just like the Harros shell, the Hallowed Sword is the first weapon you find in Mortal Shell, and is a nice balance between speed, damage, and stamina consumption. What makes it work so well with Harros is that it does take less stamina than the two heavier weapons, but also has a fantastic weapon ability called Mechanical Spike that costs two resolve. This ability will summon a spike from the sword’s hilt you will leap forward and plunge into an enemy for a massive amount of damage, likely stunning them if they survive. Harros comes with four bars, meaning you can use this twice in a row, which can be incredibly effective against bosses.

Harros is not only a great shell for players early on, but one that can remain useful all the way to the final boss. If you power him up with some incredibly strong skills and the right weapon, this shell may very well be the best in the game.

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