MTG: Best Cards For A Treasure Commander Deck

In recent years, few mechanics in Magic: The Gathering have exploded in popularity and impact as quickly as Treasure tokens. First introduced in Ixalan block, Treasure tokens are artifacts that may be tapped and sacrificed in order to produce one mana of any color. Due to their flexibility and ability to provide additional mana, Treasure tokens are able to help nearly any type of deck as they can simultaneously function as both mana ramp and mana fixing.

However, in recent sets, various commanders have been introduced that can either produce treasure or interact with it in some capacity, leading to an increase in decks that are specifically focused around the creation and utilization of Treasure. Whether you're looking to build a deck around Prosper, Tome-Bound or Jolene, the Plunder Queen, we're going to examine the best cards that can be a great asset to any deck based around the use of Treasure.

6 Xorn

Simple yet incredibly effective in a Treasure-focused deck, Xorn is a 3/2 red elemental for three mana that can reliably improve its controller's Treasure production. As long as Xorn is in play, whenever its controller would create any number of treasure tokens, they produce that many plus one.

While some effects are capable of producing numerous treasures at once, Xorn is at its strongest when paired with repeatable effects that are capable of producing a single treasure token as, in such a case, its controller's treasure production is effectively doubled. This allows Xorn to function as a substantial source of mana ramp for any deck aiming to utilize a multitude of Treasure producers.

5 Academy Manufactor

An artifact creature printed in Modern Horizons 2, Academy Manufactor is a card capable of augmenting one's Treasure production, causing it to yield a player substantially more value. A 1/3 for three mana, if Academy Manufactor's controller would create a Clue, Food, or Treasure token, they instead create one of each. This is absolutely incredible, as it provides a player with a litany of additional options when paired with effects that produce a significant number of Treasures.

This means that not only does a player have immaculate mana fixing, but they can also stockpile their mana production between turns in the form of massive numbers of treasure tokens. When paired with any of the previous three entries of this list, Bootlegger's Stash is capable of offering value that is quite difficult for opponents to overcome.

2 Dockside Extortionist

In recent years, few creatures have become as notorious within the Commander format as Dockside Extortionist. A goblin pirate for the low cost of two mana, Dockside Extortionist is among the most efficient Treasure producer in the game, capable of creating an impressive number of Treasure tokens for a negligible amount of mana. Upon entering the battlefield, Dockside Extortionist's controller creates a Treasure token for each artifact its owner's opponents control.

As Commander is a format rife with utility artifacts, mana rocks, and Treasure tokens, even within the early turns of a game, a Dockside Extortionist can thrust its controller miles ahead of its opponents in regard to available resources.

1 Revel in Riches

For those looking to build a Treasure-focused deck with access to black mana, Revel in Riches is a must-have. A powerful alternative win condition for five mana, this black enchantment states that whenever a creature an opponent controls dies, Revel in Riches' controller creates a treasure token. While this is already a significant source of mana production, especially when faced with a sacrifice-heavy strategy like Aristocrats, Revel in Riches can allow its controller to convert their treasures into a victory.

This is because at the beginning of its controller's upkeep, if that player controls ten or more Treasures, they instantly win the game! For those looking to construct a deck that produces a substantial number of Treasures, this card is definitely worth considering, as it can provide an alternative means for its controller to eke out a win without needing to breach an opponent's defenses.

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