MultiVersus Confirms Season 2 Starts Tomorrow

Today is the last day of MultiVersus Season 1 and fans have understandably been wondering what's next. Given that the end of Season 1 was scheduled for today, many expected developer Player First to make an announcement for Season 2, and that's exactly what it delivered via the game's official Twitter account.

While we didn't get any character reveals or new features announced, MultiVersus did clarify that there will be an hour of downtime starting at 9am PT that will last until 10am PT as it "gears up for the next season." Presumably, Season 2 will start once that downtime is over, but what the patch will bring with it is anyone's best guess. At the very least we can probably expect a new title screen as well as a new Battle Pass to get stuck into, although nothing has been confirmed just yet.

We'll definitely get some patch notes to go over though, which will explain exactly what's been added and may also tell us when we can expect certain features to arrive. For example, the game's Ranked Mode alpha also ends today, so we may hear a little bit about when we can expect the finished version to drop once Player First has implemented any feedback it needs to.

As for potential new characters, it's possible a couple of fighters could be revealed as part of a new title screen, similar to how Stripe and Black Adam were announced. This is just pure speculation on my part though, and we may not even see any characters revealed at all. the best we can do is simply wait for the patch notes to drop tomorrow and pray that Player First doesn't run into any last minute issues. At least we know Season 2 starts tomorrow though, which will hopefully give MultiVersus the shot in the arm we've all been waiting for.

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