MultiVersus Datamine Teases Eleven From Stranger Things

Datamined voice lines in MultiVersus seem to be hinting that Stranger Things' Eleven will be joining the roster as a guest character.

MultiVersus is absolutely stuffed with playable fighters from a range of different IPs. So far though, they've all followed one key rule – Warner Bros. owns all of them and there aren't any characters from other companies. That looks to change in the future however, as datamined voice lines seem to be referencing Eleven from Stranger Things.

Voice lines for several unannounced characters have started to flood the MultiVersus subreddit thanks to Reddit user THE_XENO_KING, including lines from Marvin the Martian, Raven, The Iron Giant, and LeBron James. These three characters make reference to more unannounced fighters, including Rick Sanchez and Gizmo, but there are a few voice lines that stand out as they seem to be referencing Eleven.

The most incriminating of these lines comes from The Iron Giant, who can be heard saying "Eleven friend", which is pretty unarguably referencing Stranger Things. Raven also says, "Alright El, let's crush him like a soda can" in one of her voicelines, which is a name that many of the characters on Stranger Things refer to Eleven with. Another line from Raven, "What a weird psychic signature" also seems to be in reference to Eleven.

As you probably know, Stranger Things isn't a Warner Bros. property and is owned by Netflix, meaning that MultiVersus will be following pretty much every platform fighter and including guest characters from other studios. Eleven is the only guest character that can be found within the game's files right now, but it's likely that more are going to be coming in the future.

This isn't the first time that Eleven has been rumoured to be coming to MultiVersus. Earlier datamines found similar voice lines making reference to Eleven, as well as some reports that an early model can be found within the game, depicting the character in her iconic season one attire.

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