MultiVersus Dev Says The Reveal Trailer Was Slowed Down, Final Game Will Be Faster

MultiVersus' game director, Tony Huynh, has confirmed that the game's reveal trailer was slowed down and that the final release will be much faster.

When MultiVersus was first revealed, fans had many questions. Why is Bugs Bunny fighting alongside Batman? Why does Steven Universe sound like that? Is that Ultra Instinct Shaggy? The list goes on and on, but one important question was asked in regards to the game's speed – why are characters moving so slow?

Despite the excitement for MultiVersus, that complaint was a common one following the game's reveal trailer. Tony Huynh, game director on MultiVersus, has been answering some fan questions on Twitter, including revealing that the final game will actually be a lot faster and that the trailer was purposefully slowed down to show off the characters and features more clearly.

When asked about the movement speed by a fan, Huynh said, "The trailer is slowed down for better clarity and presentation of what is happening. The game runs at 60fps and is faster than what's in the trailer. We have a lot of movement tech that makes movement even faster. We'll do more gameplay footage in the future that showcases this." Huynh also commented on the game's framerate, saying that it is currently "capped at 60fps, but we may look at this again in the future".

What's interesting about this reveal is that the community has been predicting that the trailer was slowed down ever since it was first shown off. Fighting game expert and YouTuber Maximillian Dood analysed the trailer and said that it seemed like the game was moving a little bit too slow, telling viewers to put the playback speed up to 1.5 to see what he means.

Eagle-eyed fans have also spotted a few instances in the trailer where it looks like the footage hasn't been slowed down, such as one scene early on in the trailer where Superman is seen dashing and punching Wonder Woman. Looks like all that detective work paid off.

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