MultiVersus Has Changed Garnet’s Infamous Losing Animation

MultiVersus has changed Garnet's controversial losing animation to something a bit more peaceful.

As is pretty typical for a platform fighter, MultiVersus features winning and losing animations for all of its characters. The winning animations will see them celebrate their victory, usually with some kind of reference to wherever they're from, while the losing animations will show them looking defeated, once again usually with a cheeky little callback.

Although there's a clear difference between most characters' winning and losing animations, one fighter had a particularly distinct losing animation in the closed alpha – Garnet. While most characters just look a little dejected and sad when they lose, Garnet essentially gets killed, going completely grey before poofing into Ruby and Sapphire, a cute reference to her defeat at the hands of Jasper in The Return.

It's a fun reference to Steven Universe, but it was admittedly a bit dark for a losing animation and stood out amongst the rest. Player First Games has clearly been made aware of the memes, because it's changed Garnet's losing animation to something a lot less traumatic in the open beta for MultiVersus.

As pointed out by Twitter user _claypot, instead of being poofed dramatically, Garnet now sits down on the ground and holds two butterflies while closing her eyes Steven Universe fans will know that this is a reference to one of the show's best episodes, Here Comes A Thought. In that episode, Garnet teaches Stevonnie how to handle negative emotions, by relaxing and dealing with them one at a time.

Those negative emotions are represented by white butterflies in Garnet's mind, so it seems that she's just sitting and dealing with her defeat now instead of being, well, killed. What makes the whole situation funnier is that Garnet is the only character on the whole roster that has had their losing animation changed, and it's clearly because it was just too dark for the game.

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