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Very few characters make it more obvious that MultiVersus has a pretty damn unique cast of characters than LeBron James. Before his inclusion in the game, he was the type of character who you wouldn't think was even a possibility. Yet, here we are… dunking on our opponents… VERY literally. While LeBron is absolutely an odd duck pick, he is also proof that odd doesn't mean bad. Because LeBron is super fun!

With LeBron being a basketball player, we get to see what that looks like in a platform fighter. It is a whole new archetype, people! And the themeing is on point here. The amount of versatility you get out of his basketball projectile moves alone is impressive. In general, it is shocking how interesting they made basketball moves in a platform fighter.

Ability Overview

What is going to strike people right away with LeBron is just how projectile heavy he is. Technically, he is a Hybrid Bruiser. However, LeBron almost feels like he switches classes depending on whether or not he has a ball in his hands. For those unfamiliar, every move LeBron has changes depending on whether he has a ball or not. So, LeBron without a ball is about getting up close and personal, but LeBron with a ball is so projectile-heavy that he starts to feel more like a Mage. Though, it is worth emphasizing that LeBron with a ball is a substantially better character.

It is worth noting that LeBron does a lot of things very well, but he is easily among the best characters when it comes to edge guarding. He just has a number of tools that feel service-built to destroy players trying to recover back to the center platform.

Grounded Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Shoulder CheckAttackChargeable, ArmoredWith The Ball: This is a stubby move that hits hard. It can absolutely kill if you land it; especially if you land a charged version.

While a move like this would typically be pretty hard to hit with, due to it being relatively short-ranged and a little slow, the attack being armored really helps compensate for its long startup.

Without The Ball: This is pretty much the same move, but it doesn't move him forward, and the charge is slower.

Dime DropForward + AttackChargeableWith The Ball: LeBron's combo attack is fantastic. It is hard to believe how high it takes his opponent into the air. And with how good LeBron's Alley Oop attack is, you never want to be high up in the air.

Without The Ball: If you don't have a ball, this becomes a simple swipe attack.

Take It To The RimUp + AttackChargeableWith The Ball: This is a great up attack. Not quite as good as his Alley Oop, but still incredibly solid. It is reminiscent of Velma's Up Attack. You will be able to get quite a lot of use out of this move.

Without The Ball: Even without the ball, this is still a very good attack that hits overhead.

Work The FloorDown + AttackBreaks Armor, Deflects ProjectilesWith The Ball: When LeBron uses this move he will hit all around him. It is a solid move. However, it is blatantly inferior to the alternate version.

Without The Ball: When LeBron doesn't have the ball, he will slam his hands down and create a shockwave. This is impressively fast for how large its area effect is. This is probably his best move without the basketball.

The ball-less version is also an incredible edge guarding move if you perform it on the corner, as it hits pretty far downward.

Buckets!SpecialWith The Ball: This is LeBron's forward-moving projectile. It is relatively slow, but that just means that it controls space extraordinarily well. If the ball makes contact with your opponent it will likely bounce right back to you. This is a great move and you will use it often.

Without The Ball: If you don't have the ball, this special will give you another. If this special is on cooldown it will do nothing.

L-TrainForward + SpecialWeaknessWith The Ball: This is Lebron's dunk attack. It has huge kill potential and a sizeable hitbox, as it generates a shockwave when Lebron hits the ground. You can easily hit both opponents if they are clustered together.

Without The Ball: Without the ball, LeBron performs a shoulder charge. This is a solid attack, but nothing special.

Got HopsUp + SpecialChargeableWith The Ball: This is LeBron's upward arching projectile. It is great for hitting opponents who are far away, and it does a good job of keeping your enemies grounded.

Without The Ball: LeBron will throw chalk up into the air. It isn't a bad move, but the Take It To The Rim (Up Attack) is better.

Denied!Down + SpecialWith The Ball: This move sees LeBron slam his basketball into the ground, causing it to bounce in place. The basketball stays on the battlefield for quite some time, which means that it is an excellent attack for controlling space.

This is, very obviously, an incredible edge control tool. If you get that spacing correct, you will fire the ball downward, running parallel with the edge.

This does require throwing the ball away, but that just means that you will have access to your non-ball Work The Floor, another amazing edge control attack.

Without The Ball: When you don't have possession of the ball, LeBron will create a wall. If he blocks a projectile, he will get his ball back. However, we generally prefer to get the ball by swiping with his excellent Check attack.

Aerial Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Make RoomAttackChargeableWith The Ball: This is an okay attack that hits all around Lebron, but it isn't particularly rangy. He has better options when he is in the air.

Without The Ball: His ball-less version is interesting. It's range is worse, but it is shockingly fast. This is definitely a move that is worth using in a pinch. Especially in air-to-air scenarios where you are super close, as it will win those exchanges.

CheckForward + AttackReflects ProjectilesWith The Ball: This is an unspectacular, but usable approach attack. The range isn't great, but it will get the job done.

Without The Ball: When LeBron doesn't have the ball, his Check attack reaches way farther. It will also generate a ball if it hits. There is a small delay, but once you get a feel for this move it is probably his best option for grabbing another ball when his Buckets special is on cooldown.

Alley-OopUp + AttackWith The Ball: This is an incredible attack. You will be using this to ring out opponents on the regular. The Alley-Oop hits way above LeBron's head and has great kill potential. Use it!

Without The Ball: Even without the ball, this is still a very good attack that will still kill. It's range isn't nearly as impressive as the other version, though.

Watch Your Head!Down + AttackBoth versions of this attack are perfectly solid spike attacks. Neither really stands out as being particularly strong, but they will absolutely get the job done.
Buckets!SpecialThis is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
L-TrainForward + SpecialDeflects ProjectilesThis is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.
Got HopsUp + SpecialWith The Ball: This is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.

Without The Ball: Without the ball, this is a pretty good attack that hits overhead. Its only downside is that it isn't as good as the ball-less version of his Alley-Oop.

Denied!Down + SpecialProjectileThis is the same attack as the grounded version, just in the air.

Battle Strategy

During the early stages of the fight, LeBron wants to start controlling the arena; that means getting balls out into the field. Using his Buckets! projectile is a great start. This projectile bounces across the arena slowly. It helps you control the ground brilliantly. Your opponent will either dash through it or hop over it. Either way, you know that they are limited to two options. Denied also does a great job of helping you control space. When skirmishing with opponents, having the ball bounce vertically beside you gives you a great escape option, and forces your opponent to be cautious.

So, you will be looking to create chaos with your slow-moving projectiles. This will mean that you will be without your basketball, but thankfully you can summon another, or, if your non-ball Buckets attack is in recovery, you can swipe one from your opponent. His ball-less Check attack has excellent range and is a fantastic way to swipe a ball. However, keep in mind that if you don't have a ball you will gain access to a better move when you use Work The Floor. Also, while his Take It To The Rim and Alley-Oop attacks may be a touch worse, they are still excellent overhead attacks. So, you can still fight back quite competently without a ball.

When you find yourself without your ball, and that will be a pretty frequent occurrence, you can use your Buckets special to get one back. If that special is on cooldown, LeBron can connect with any of his ball-less attacks and they will grant him a ball. Our favorite of these is his Check attack (aerial forward attack). This move has excellent, excellent range.

Now, for LeBron's L-Train. You may be tempted to spam this attack, as it is so potent, but we would recommend that you not do that. You need to be less predictable with this attack. If you try to land this attack on an opponent who is waiting patiently below, they are going to smack you out of the air. So, you need to use it to clip opponents who are otherwise occupied, or you need to try to land it where you predict your opponent will be. This is a huge part of LeBron's game, because it is so powerful, but you need to show some restraint and pick your shots!

But the L-Train attack isn't the only way to get your opponents off the stage. In fact, your best method is probably your Alley-Oop. Once you have roughed your opponents up, start looking to land your combo. This will pop them up into the air. Once there, look for that Alley-Oop follow-up and you will absolutely start racking up the KOs.

Also, keep in mind that LeBron is one of the most vicious characters in the game when it comes to edge guarding. The last thing you want when recovering is to deal with a number of slow-moving projectiles. Similarly, a ball that is aimed directly downward, and runs parallel with the edge of the platform, can be an absolute nightmare. And we aren't even talking about his dunk attack, his shockwave ability, or his ability to leave a ball just bouncing passively on the edge of the platform. LeBron is a monster when he is edge-guarding.

Team Play Strategy

When it comes to LeBron and team play, it is almost all about offense. He can pass the ball to his partner, and the next attack they do will throw the ball. You can then perform your L-Train and zip right to it. Now, that is a great way to land your potent dunk attack! This is going to be the primary way you interact directly with your partner, but LeBron does contribute quite a bit by placing balls on the stage and controlling where his opponents go. Generally, if you are on the same page with your partner, LeBron can bring a lot to the team.

LeBron James' Progression Unlocks

Mastery LevelImageRewardDescription
TwoPerk: Make It Rain, Dog!Your team receives twenty percent increased projectile speed.
ThreeCurrency: Toasts x Five
FourPerk: Gravity ManipulationYour team receives a ten percent fall speed boost.
FiveCurrency: Gold x 100
SixPerk: Equip Ally PerksUnlock the ability to use an ally's perks in team games.
SevenPerk: I Dodge You Dodge We DodgeYour team receives a ten percent ability cooldown refund after dodging an attack.
EightSignature Perk: Hot HandsIf LeBron completes a no-look pass to his ally, the basketball is ignited. If LeBron dunks an ignited basketball, he ignites all damaged enemies and creates a firewall on the ground.
NinePerk: Perk TrainingUnlocks the ability to train ANY perk in the game.
TenSignature Perk: For ThreeLeBron and his allies that hit enemies with a basketball from far away cause the basketball to explode, dealing damage and knockback to all nearby enemies.
ElevenPerk: Leg Day ChampYour team receives ten percent increased jump height.
TwelveSignature Perk: Keep PossessionWhen LeBron or his allies receive a pass, they gain gray health for a few seconds.
ThirteenPerk: Back To BackYour team receives six percent reduced damage when near an ally.
FourteenProfile Icon: LeBron Universe Profile
FifteenBadge: LeBron Wins

LeBron James' Signature Perk Overview

You love to see it; LeBron has two great perks. Both his For Three and Hot Hands Signature Perks give his most potent attacks a substantial buff. Hot Hands makes his dunk attack absolutely devastating, but it does require passing the ball first. His For Three Perk makes his basketballs lethal bombs when they hit from a great distance.

For Three is probably the perk that is easiest to make use of, but you really can't go wrong with either one. Keep Possession, on the other hand, seems a little underpowered. Maybe we are underestimating it, but we didn't find that the grey health it provided was enough to justify going with it above either of the other Signature Perks.

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