MultiVersus Players Think Finn Is The New Taz

MultiVersus players have found a new fighter who they think is overpowered after Taz just got nerfed yesterday – Finn the human.

One of the biggest problems with MultiVersus when it first launched was how overpowered Taz was. His tornado move was incredibly strong, had massive knockback, and had no cooldown, so matches with Taz players boiled down to them spamming the move over and over again until they (usually) won. There were counters to it, but he was still a massive pain to fight.

As part of the most recent update, Taz was nerfed pretty significantly, with more adjustments to the character on the way. Although he seems to have suitably been knocked down a peg or two, MultiVersus players now think that Finn is the most overpowered character on the roster and one that needs some adjustments of his own.

Scouring the MultiVersus subreddit shows several players are now complaining about how powerful Finn is and pointing out that he was one of the few characters in need of a nerf that didn't receive one in the most recent update. Some of the biggest problems that players have with the character is that his high five hitbox is incredibly big, his ability to move while charging attacks has pretty much no recovery frames and can be spammed over and over, and his backpack recovery move is incredibly strong even at weak percentages.

To make matters worse, Finn is currently one of the four characters in the free rotation, which means that more players have access to him than they usually would, meaning that a lot of new players are gravitating toward him and how overpowered he is, similar to Taz in the early access period.

Interestingly, Finn was regarded as one of the game's best and most overpowered characters as far back as the game's closed alpha test, with MultiVersus' director Tony Huynh even pointing out on Twitter that Finn was far too powerful for his own good and would be getting some nerfs. It seems that either those nerfs haven't been implemented yet, or they simply weren't enough to calm down Ooo's strongest warrior.

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