MultiVersus Players Think Morty Should Be A Mage, Not A Bruiser

MultiVersus players think that Morty should be classed as a Mage and not a Bruiser.

Morty Smith finally joined MultiVersus yesterday and the community has been having a lot of fun with his wide variety of setup moves, projectiles, and surprisingly tricky kit that makes him worthy of the "expert" tag placed on his character. There's one thing that has pretty much every player confused, though, and that's the fact that Morty is classified as a Bruiser instead of a Mage.

For those who are unaware, MultiVersus has a class system that seperates all of its characters. So far there are four: Tank, Bruiser, Mage, and Assassin. Bruisers, like Batman, are defined by their melee abilities and close-range focus, while Mages such as Bugs Bunny are more tricky characters that use projectiles and more complicated special abilities for their moves.

Despite being classes as a Bruiser, Morty entirely focuses on projectile attacks and more complicated setups using his grenades, blaster, earth ring, and spaceship recovery. The only move in his whole kit that resembles anything close to a bruiser is his combo and down air, which have him using Armothy and Hammerhead Morty for some heavy attacks. His Plumbus also leaves a "weakened" status effect, but that's it.

This has caused most MultiVersus players to agree that Morty is far from a Bruiser and should be classified as a Mage. Pro MultiVersus player Obey Rexehh Tweeted, "Morty is a Mage, not a Bruiser", while the most-liked comment on a Reddit post asking the community what they think of Morty after playing him is, "That is a mage, not a bruiser".

Interestingly, this is something that even MultiVersus' director Tony Hunyh has previously acknowledged. Just a few days before Morty's release, Huynh Tweeted, "Morty might be closer to a mage. Does have some Bruiser elements".

Considering how clear it is that Morty fits the Mage category better, it's not clear why he's been put into Bruiser. One possibility is that the developers don't want both him and Rick to be in the same class, as datamines have revealed that Rick is officially classified as a Mage.

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