My Time At Portia: Wood Types And Where to Get Them

My Time at Portia is a game that is built around the idea of your character owning a crafting workshop. A huge part of building is being able to have access to wood, a resource that you will find yourself constantly having to gather.

Some wood types are easier to get than others, and it can at first be a bit confusing which trees will give you what type of wood. In fact, it's pretty easy to run around in circles for quite some time before figuring out why you haven't been able to harvest the wood type you need. To help you out, the guide below contains everything you need to know about wood types and where you can get them in the game.

Wood Types and Where to Get Them

There are four different types of wood that can be found in My Time at Portia. These are wood, hardwood, ironwood, and poplar wood. To harvest these different wood types, you will need to upgrade your axe and work towards unlocking the Eufaula desert area. The chart below shows how to get each type of wood and what axe you need to access it:

Wood TypeAxe Tye Needed For HarvestHow to Obtained
WoodAxeWood is gathered through chopping down small bushes and small trees. These can be easily found in the field around your house.
HardwoodBronze AxeHardwood is gathered from medium to large size trees. These can be found around the field near your house and near the Tree Farm.
IronwoodIron AxeIronwood can be gathered from large tree stumps, Palm trees, Poplar trees, Cacti, and Birch trees. Many of these are found around the Eufaula desert area.
Poplar WoodIron AxePoplar Wood can be obtained from Poplar trees. These trees can be in the Eufaula Desert area.

Wood is an important part of completing the story of the game and automating your workshop. As you unlock new recipes, the materials that are needed to make them will become harder to get. Wood is no stranger to this rule, and you won't be able to use Poplar Wood until you get quite a ways into the game and unlock the Eufaula desert. You will also need to upgrade your axe as you go along, which means you will need to be mining ore. In addition to the axe's listed in the chart, there are two more ways to cut wood:

  • Fisherman's Axe: This is a craftable axe that can chop through any tree and is faster than all other axe varieties.
  • Chainsaw: A Chainsaw can be purchased from the South Block once it's completed. It will also be a quest reward given for completing "Hot Spring Villa."

The chainsaw is the best tree-cutting item you can get in the game and is pretty versatile as it can also be used as a weapon. If you don't feel like gathering wood on your own, remember that you can have the Tree Farm deliver wood to your home each day for a small fee. You will need to do a short mission to unlock the farm, but once you do, it will provide you with tons of resources.

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