Mysterious Post-Game Symbol In Crash 4 Could Be Teasing A New Game

A Twitter user has discovered a mysterious new logo in the beginning level of Crash 4: It’s About Time, possibly hinting at a new game in the works.

Crash 4 has only been in the hands of the public for a couple of months, but that hasn’t stopped people from wondering about the future of the series. Sometimes developers like to leave vague, hidden clues within their games as to what may lie in store. It seems that Toys For Bob are also guilty of leaving teasers for eagle-eyed fans.

In a recent Twitter post, user @kimmotman shared his discovery of a mysterious symbol found in the game’s first level. Crash 4 has many callbacks to the previous games in the series, one being a TV which can be hit with a spin attack to switch channels. Each time the TV is hit, it will switch between the title screens of the original Crash Bandicoot up to Crash 4.

After Crash 4, the TV usually just turns off, but players who’ve finished the game and reached that illustrious completion rating of 106% will notice something else. Very briefly, an image of a mysterious new logo can be seen, possibly hinting at another Crash game in the works.

Of course, fans who’ve fully completed Crash 4 will also be aware of the secret ending which also teases the plot of a potential sequel. Could this be another tease for the next Crash game, or could we see another faithful recreation of a classic Crash spin-off? Only time will tell.

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