Naughty Dog Shows Off The Last Of Us Docks Comparison

Naughty Dog has revealed another look at just how much it has improved The Last Of Us Part 1 when comparing it to the remastered version of the original game on PS4. What the very short clip doesn't offer up, however, is a better look at how the remaster is actually going to play.

The Last Of Us Part 1, a remake of the iconic game that originally launched on PS3, will be here in two weeks on September 2. In fact, many of those reviewing the game already have their copies. All of that makes it a little odd, and maybe even slightly worrying, that Naughty Dog has offered up very little gameplay footage.

On the bright side, the studio has shared new footage on its YouTube channel directly comparing how much better the remake looks than the PS4 remaster. As you can see in the short clip below, two scenes from the docks area of the game are shown, and both feature Joel looking out over the water. The first transition shows exactly why Part 1 has been labeled a remake and not a remaster. This game will be more than just a polished version of the PS4 game.

The buildings haven't just been tweaked, they've been completely overhauled. The same goes for the boats in the second shot, and the water in both. How realisitic water looks in modern games is always a good measure of its visual prowess, and the sea in the PS5 shots looks markedly better than it does in the PS4 remaster.

While there has been very little shown off by Naughty Dog when it comes to gameplay, it hasn't been completely silent. In a lengthy video featuring a number of higher-ups who worked on the game, it was explained and briefly shown that most of Part 1's gameplay improvements will be AI-based. There have also been a number of leaks that, if accurate, squashed hopes some of the abilities introduced in Part 2, like being able to go prone, have not been added to the remake.

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