Netmarble’s F2P Mobile MMORPG Blade & Soul Revolution Will Launch Worldwide This Year

Mobile MMORPG fans will soon have yet another high-profile grindfest to dive into, courtesy of Blade & Soul Revolution. Netmarble recently announced that its open-world RPG will be coming to a global audience later this year.

Blade & Soul Revolution is inspired by the similarly named Blade & Soul MMO on PC. A new website for the game offers a glimpse at its art style and narrative, and even includes a slick CGI short. Netmarble hasn’t officially revealed much about how the game will play, but you can check its listing on Google Play to learn more – Blade & Soul Revolution is already available in Asia, and there’s a good chance it’ll look nearly identical when it launches worldwide.

“The Netmarble team could not be more thrilled to work with NCSoft once again to create the definitive mobile edition of their long-running Blade & Soul,” said Andy Kang, Executive Producer of Netmarble. “Our success of Lineage 2: Revolution really showed a strong demand for full-featured MMORPG experiences players can easily pick-up and play anywhere around the world, and we are eager to continue that success with Blade & Soul Revolution’s upcoming launch.”

Netmarble continued to say Blade & Souls Revolution will bring cinematic, revenge-based stories to the world of mobile gaming. Revolution will “stay true” to its PC roots and feature high-quality 3D graphics, large scale battles, and run on the Unreal Engine 4.

Blade & Soul on PC received mixed reviews when it launched in the west on January 19, 2016. Many players found the PvP content to be surprisingly engaging, but everything else about the game was derivative and didn’t do much to push the genre forward. Fast forward to 2021 and – while there are plenty of other great MMOs on the market that it has to compete with – it’s turned into a title that might be worth a bit of your time. From full voice acting, explosive combat, and a truly unique story, Blade & Soul has found a niche following over the years.

A firm release date is yet to be announced for Blade & Soul Revolution, but Netmarble expects it to launch in 2021. It’ll be available as a free-to-play title for both iOS and Android.

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