New Dying Light 2 DLC Will Launch "Before The End Of The Year"

Dying Light 2 Stay Human marked its first anniversary yesterday and developer Techland had quite a bit to celebrate. The zombie series has been a success with the Dying Light games selling a combined total of more than 30 million units.

To commemorate one year since Dying Light 2 launched, Techland is having a week-long celebration with players able to earn rewards by completing community goals in the Bloody Anniversary event and Dropkick Weekend, with premium bundles up for grabs (via Eurogamer).

Techland had Dying Light franchise director Tymon Smektala talk up its New Game+, which it released in a major update at the end of April last year, as it demonstrated that it has been listening to players with the mode being much requested among fans.

Techland also talked up its partnership with with Developer Tools currently in Beta on PC. This is exciting stuff for those wanting to create custom levels to share with other players and Techland showed off some sumptuous examples and teased more features that are not yet fully revealed. Techland did lay out some of its plans for the year ahead.

One of these is "significant updates" to the game's combat system, which the developer promises will be more brutal, more physical, and more rewarding. Since movement is so key to Dying Light, Smektala also said it'll be making improvements to the Parkour and traversal systems. There was also an update on the game's second DLC, which follows the release of the Bloody Ties DLC that came out November 10 last year.

This second DLC will launch before the end of 2023, and the story-driven adventure will be set in a brand new location "unlike anything you have seen in the Dying Light series so far" while teasing some familiar faces players might expect in this new expansion. This second DLC promises to be "bigger, more story driven, provide answers to some of the big questions you have all been asking for" and provide enhancements to both the narrative and gameplay, the franchise director said.

Smektala said more details will be revealed in the coming months before signing off that Techland is working on something, with only cryptic clues that suggests perhaps some kind of fancy new weapon to take down the zombies with. To be sure, Techland is making great effort it seems to continue to support its game so players should have a bunch to look forward to this year.

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