New Fall Guys Season 2 level revealed, looks medi-evil

As part of its second season, Fall Guys is introducing a brand-new level, designed to test even those who have mastered the game.

After quickly surging in popularity upon release, Fall Guys will soon be entering its medieval themed second season.

Developer Mediatonic had already confirmed that the season will bring whole new levels, rather than just dressing the current ones up in a new aesthetic, and we now have our first look at one of them.

As part of an exclusive reveal from IGN, the new level is dubbed Knight Fever and will act as an opening level designed for 60 players, with only 75% able to qualify.

It has the simple goal of reaching the end but, as expected, players will need to be aware of their competitors and the numerous obstacles in their way.

Some of these obstacles include spinning blades, swinging spike-covered logs, holes in the floor, and three sets of drawbridges that open and close erratically just before the finish line.

The level is described as a ‘skill check,’ meant to challenge those who believe they’ve mastered Fall Guys over the course of its first season.

While this is all exciting for players, there’s still no word on if the game will come to other platforms, namely the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Fall Guys is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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