New Nintendo Switch Pro Rumor Refutes Claim Console Will Support 4K

More rumors surrounding the still unannounced Nintendo Switch Pro are here, and this time one of them flies in the face of another.

Despite rumors that it would be officially announced by the end of last week, and that assembly will start as soon as July, there is still no word from Nintendo on the Switch Pro. In fact, there has been so little information on the hypothetical console that we don’t even know if it will actually be called the Switch Pro. That’s just a name given to it by those of us waiting for it to arrive.

That hasn’t prevented the rumor mill from constantly turning though, and today even more talking points have been thrown on the pile. All of those talking points were highlighted by Wccftech after emerging on a Taiwanese ResetEra thread. The most notable is the claim that the Switch Pro will not support 4K when docked despite previous reports.

According to the latest rumors, the Switch Pro will run at 1440p when docked and 720p in handheld mode. The belief was that it would support 4K in an attempt to try and keep up with PlayStation and Xbox’s latest work. However, that isn’t something Nintendo has been known to do in the past, taking its own path that is usually entirely different than the one walked by its competitors.

As well as the new rumors surrounding resolution, the thread also claims the Switch Pro will be capable of running at 120 FPS in handheld mode, which would be pretty impressive if true. Despite going against all the 4K talk, the rumors that the upgraded console will include Nvidia’s DLSS technology are corroborated. An important element if the rumors turn out to be true.

Rumors should always be taken with a pinch of salt, but the ones surrounding the Switch Pro probably warrant a handful of it. The talk surrounding supposed leaked listings last week didn’t come to anything, and Nintendo is yet to announce anything at all. That is pretty in keeping with Nintendo, though. It wouldn’t be all that surprising for it to hold out on saying anything official until the day before the console goes on sale.

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