New Nintendo Switch Update Lets You Send Screenshots/Videos To A Smart Device

The era of sending four Nintendo Switch screenshots to Facebook, saving them to a computer, and then deleting them is over, as the latest firmware update lets you send screenshots and videos straight to a smart device.

The Nintendo Switch is behind the competition when it comes to sharing media. The Switch has a dedicated Share button, but you can only save a couple of seconds worth of video footage at a time. You can save as many screenshots as you like, but you’re limited to moving over four at a time to social media. It’s possible to batch send images by saving them to the SD card and plugging it into a PC, but this involves a few steps too many, one of which involves manually shutting down the Switch.

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The Ver. 11.0.0 update is available now for the Switch and Nintendo’s website has listed its new features. It’s now possible to send ten screenshots or a single video straight to a smart device, which involves scanning two QR codes. It’s also possible to send screenshots/images directly to a PC using a USB cable.

The other major addition in this update is a Nintendo Switch Online icon to the Home menu. This brings up a separate menu that tells you how long you’ve been a member and when your current subscription ends. There is a Home icon that talks about trending events and outlines all of the features of Nintendo Switch Online. All of the benefits for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are gathered in this one tab, including the exclusive offers for members and a list of the free NES & SNES games that are available.

The update also added other features, such as backing up cloud saves and setting priorities for downloads. This is one of the most substantial updates since the Switch launched and we hope it leads to more content in the future. We’re still holding a candle for more backgrounds and custom themes. C’mon Nintendo, it’s been three years, you have to give us more than black and white eventually.

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